Best Camping Hammocks of 2020 – 6 Hammock Reviews

Jun 28, 2020 | Best Camping Gear

Best Camping Hammocks of 2020 – 6 Hammock Reviews

By Campendium

Camping gear reviewer Cameron Martindell reviews six popular camping hammocks. He covers pros and cons of each hammock, along with specifications including size, material, capacity, weight, storage and straps.

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If you’re in the market to buy a camping hammock, and want to get straight to the results, check out the summary below followed by in-depth reviews.

  • Most Durable Hammock: Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net
  • Most Portable Hammock: AnorTrek Camping Hammock with Mosquito Bug Net
  • Most Economical Hammock: Wise Owl DoubleOwl
  • Best Lightweight Hammock: Grand Trunk TrunkTech Double Hammock
  • Most Spacious Hammock: ENO SkyLite Hammock
  • Most Versatile Hammock: Kammok Mantis
everest double camping hammock review

Most Durable Hammock: Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

This is a simple hammock without many features. It’s likely to be very durable with trusted YKK components.


  • Includes straps
  • YKK double tab zipper
  • Built-in emergency whistle
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Bulky
  • Heavy
  • Hard to fit in the stuff sack


  • Size: 120” x 70”
  • Material: 210T taffeta diamond-weave nylon fabric
  • Capacity: 400 lbs (claimed)
  • Weight, as sold: 45.4 oz (verified)
  • Weight, hammock only: 28.0 oz (verified)
  • Storage: 8”x6”; attached drawstring stuff sack w/ compression strap; does not fit hanging straps
  • Straps: 10’; 14 loop w. ridgeline tab

Everest Double Camping Hammock Review:

The Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net uses two guylines to connect the top of the netting to the suspension straps which require some knot savvy. The lines can be kept tied to the mesh, but need to be retied to the suspension straps each time the hammock is set up because the straps are stored separately and to ensure the proper tension. A double set of webbing is stitched to the netting and reaches between the two guyline tie-on points to create the ridgeline. Inside the mesh, two gear loops hang from the tie-on points for lightweight items like lights, but are not grab handles to use to sit up or get out of the hammock.

The bug net is stitched to the main hammock body and only opens on one side using a double-sided heavy duty 8mm YKK zipper. The stuff sack for the hammock is attached at the midpoint on the side with the zipper so it can be used as a pocket while the hammock is hung. But the stuff sack is only just big enough to fit the hammock and bug net, but the suspension straps come with their own separate storage sack. Everest offers a simple double hammock without the bug net and a separate rainfly accessory.
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AnorTrek camping hammock review

Most Portable Hammock: AnorTrek Camping Hammock with Mosquito Bug Net

This hammock is offered at an incredible price and it packs into a single stuff sack for easy packing.


  • Includes straps
  • Optional spreader bars
  • Reflective tabs
  • Low price


  • Heavy
  • Narrow
  • No mention of any warranty


  • Size: 114″ x 55″
  • Material: Soft Square Ripstop Nylon
  • Capacity: 500+ lbs (claimed)
  • Weight, as sold: 37.8 oz (verified)
  • Weight, hammock only: 20.0 oz (verified)
  • Storage: 11″ x 6″; attached drawstring stuff sack with handle; fits hanging straps
  • Straps: 10′; 18 loops

AnorTrek Camping Hammock Review:

The AnorTrek Camping Hammock with Mosquito Bug Net is a simple single-panel design and uses two spreader bars and two elastic cords to provide a little extra room while under the bug net. Using these is totally optional, but they take a little extra time to set up. There are no internal gear loops to hang a light or other items inside the hammock, but there is a small 4×5-inch mesh pouch in the center opposite the zipper where the mesh meets the body. The bug netting is stitched to the body of the hammock and can be opened on one side with a full-length double-pull zipper. The connected stuff sack is centered on the side where the zipper is so it can be used and accessed as storage while laying in the hammock. The stuff sack is one of the larger stuff sacks in the test and easily holds everything: the hammock, bug net, crossbars, elastic cords, and suspension straps. AnorTrek offers two other sizes of hammocks without bug nets.
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wise owl camping hammock

Most Economical Hammock: Wise Owl DoubleOwl

This is a spacious and simple hammock. A number of corners have been cut to bring the price down to be the least expensive in the test, but it is still a safe and enjoyable hammock to use.


  • Includes straps
  • Lightweight straps
  • Low price


  • Heavy
  • Snag gate steel carabiners
  • No mention of warranty on the website


  • Size: 120” x 76”
  • Material: 210T Parachute Nylon
  • Weight, as sold: 29.6 oz (verified)
  • Weight, hammock only: 18.6 oz (verified)
  • Capacity: 500 lbs (claimed)
  • Storage: 8”x5” attached drawstring stuff sack; fits hanging straps
  • Straps: 9-foot; 5 loops

Wise Owl DoubleOwl Review:

The DoubleOwl hammock from Wise Owl Outfitters is a simple 3-panel design hammock with a stitched-on stuff sack at the center of one side which can be used for storage while suspended. The kit saves some weight by using lightweight straps and by only including five loops to adjust the hang tension of the hammock instead of the 14 or 18 loops on other straps. While more loops provide more options (often way more than needed) it also means more fabric—hence more weight and more bulk. To mitigate this with the 5-loop straps, simply wrap the long tail of the strap around the anchor one or more times to shorten it some. The included steel carabiners are heavy (2.2 oz each, compared to aluminum ones at 0.75 oz) and have squared off gate catchers which can snag the suspension straps when taking the hammock down. Wise Owl Outfitters offers three other sizes of simple hammocks including an ultralight version, none with bug nets.
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grand trunk hammock review

Best Lightweight Hammock: Grand Trunk TrunkTech Double Hammock

This is a simple and straightforward lightweight and packable hammock that sits on the pricey end of the spectrum.


  • Reflective end loops
  • Lightweight & packs small
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Straps not included


  • Size: 132″ x 76″
  • Material: Proprietary 40D 1.1 oz Diamond Ripstop Nylon
  • Capacity: 500 lbs (claimed)
  • Weight, as sold: 15.4 oz (verified)
  • Weight, hammock only: 13.8 oz (verified)
  • Storage: 7” x 4”; attached drawstring stuff sack; does not fit hanging straps
  • Straps: N/A

Grand Trunk TrunkTech Double Hammock Review:

The TrunkTech Double Hammock from Grand Trunk is a simple 3-pannel design with a stitched-on stuff sack at the center of one side which can be used as a storage pocket while suspended. The hammock includes two lightweight (0.75 oz) aluminum wire gate snag-free carabiners but tree suspension straps must be purchased separately ($20 or $30 versions available). Grand Trunk offers a wide range of hammock products including comprehensive kits with straps, multiple styles of simple hammocks, ultralight hammocks, bug net hammocks, standalone bug nets, and rain fly options.
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ENO SkyLite hammock review

Most Spacious Hammock: ENO SkyLite Hammock

This lay-flat style hammock with a built-in bug net is spacious and offers internal organization. The required spreader bars add two easy extra steps beyond a traditional hammock setup.


  • Lay flat style
  • Spacious tent-like interior
  • Internal storage/organization
  • 2-year warranty


  • Don’t pull on spreader bars
  • Straps not included
  • Pricy


Size: 84″ x 36″
Material: 40D NewWave Nylon / SkyWeave Lite Mesh
Capacity: 250 lbs (claimed)
Weight, as sold: 31.7 oz (verified)
Weight, hammock only: 31.7 oz (verified)
Storage: 15” x 5”; un-attached drawstring stuff sack; fits hanging straps
Straps: N/A

ENO SkyLite Review:

The ENO SkyLite Hammock is a lay-fat style with multiple panels stitched to help distribute the load. Lay-flat styles of hammocks mean the user does not have to lie diagonally across the centerline to lay flat. The hammock includes two spreader bars to provide the lateral tension to make it a lay-flat hammock. These bars are at the head and foot of the hammock and one tester tried to use the bar at the head to scoot up and reposition himself by pulling on the bar. The bars are not designed for this and that pull put a small bend in the bar. Further testing showed the bend did not impact the functionality or comfort of the hammock. Still, a bummer of a mistake to make with a new purchase. Theoretically, someone could lay in the hammock without the spreader bars installed, but it proved to be very awkward and uncomfortable so the weight listed for this hammock includes the bars as deemed required for the hammock to function properly. With the spreader bars the interior of the hammock is very spacious and it does provide a comfortable lay-flat experience.

There are two gear pockets inside the hammock, one along the side opposite the zipper for the bug net and one at the head. The bug net is stitched on all sides and has a double tab nylon zipper that starts 9-inches from the foot and reaches all the way up, around the corner at the head, and then halfway up the bug mesh to the center ridgeline. The mesh has two toggle and loop sets to stow the net in the open position and as those loops are on the inside of the mesh they can be used to hang a light. The mesh is held up by two stitched-in elastic cords that work well. Tab loops at the midpoint on either side of the long sides are to help hold an under-quilt (sold separately). The SkyLite has aluminum toggles at the end of the suspension cords designed to mate with their Helios suspension system (sold separately, $35 or $45 depending on length). Even though the Helios system is sold separately, it’s an outlier in the field of tree suspension straps. It has wide straps for the portion that goes around the tree to protect the bark but then transitions to a 5mm woven cord with a Chinese Finger Trap style catchment to allow for fine-tune adjustments to the suspension cord tension. Hammocks with carabiners are compatible with the Helios system. ENO offers a huge range of hammock products including standard tree straps, traditional simple hammocks, ultralight hammocks, bug net hammocks, stand-alone bug nets, rain tarps, insulation, and stands.
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Kammok Mantis Review

Most Versatile Hammock: Kammok Mantis

This camping hammock kit is loaded with features making it lightweight, easy to set up, comfortable to use, and includes the ability to upgrade to four-season camping.

  • Straps, mesh, tarp & stakes included
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Versatile design elements
  • Reflective cordage & elements


  • Non-removable ridgeline
  • Limited zipper range


  • Size: 120” x 56”
  • Material: Gravitas 40D nylon diamond ripstop DWR
  • Capacity: 500 lbs (claimed)
  • Weight, as sold: 46.7 oz (verified)
  • Weight, hammock only: 14.2 oz (verified)
  • Storage: 11” x 6” ; attached in-line, removable, roll-top stuff sack; fits fly, straps & stakes
  • Straps: 10’, 20 loops

Kammok Mantis Review:

The Kammok Mantis is a full hammock camping kit complete with an integrated bug mesh, rainfly, and stakes. The hammock is a single panel construction with end caps. YKK zippers on both sides of the hammock with double pull tabs allow the user to get in and out of the hammock from either side. The zippers also allow the mesh to be completely removed from the body—though, the ridgeline will remain above the hammock as it’s stitched in and is a great place to hang a light or other items to be handy (with or without the mesh). Two guy-out lines with a section of elastic cord to draw the mesh outward and create space on the head side of the hammock. A small pocket is stitched into the mesh on each side on the inside where the spreader guy lines connect. There is also a toggle and loop on each side to hold the mesh open and a series of loop tabs along the edge for an under-quilt (sold separately). Four loop tabs on the interior are there to hold a top quilt (sold separately). The attached but removable, in-line, dual compartment stuff sack holds everything included: rain fly, tree straps, hammock, mesh, and has external slotted pockets for the six aluminum stakes. Kammock is solely a hammock company and offers a wide range of hammock styles and all the accessories needed for four-season hammock camping.
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