Britt & Drew’s Favorite Camping Gear

Apr 9, 2021 | Best Camping Gear

Britt & Drew’s Favorite Camping Gear

By Campendium

Britt & Drew next to a sign that says end of trail
We are two Aussies living & working in the USA. We have brought our love of camping and exploring to the USA but feel like we have only scratched the surface. We are in the transition from tent camping to RV-ing after purchasing a Forest River MicroLite in 2020 and loving all the new gear options that are now available to us! Here are a few of our favorites!

Yeti Powerbank

Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Powerbank

This is a game-changer. The blender runs off it, laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, lanterns, coffee machine…all at the same time. The power bank is super quiet and charges while we’re driving. Once we reach camp, we connect it to the solar panels to maintain charge. Once charged, it will run our ARB Elements fridge for at least 3-days. It has a whopping 7 different port options from USB, to 12V to 120V. It does weigh about 45 pounds (about an average 5yr old child!) but it’s very easy to maneuver due to its size and the large handles. There are a multitude of adaptors and add-ons you can get from Goal Zero such as home integration kits, lights and cases. Not only great for camping but also for home in blackouts.

camp love seat

Zero Gravity Love Seat

This was a controversial purchase in our household…! We’re not going to lie, it’s big and it’s heavy… BUT… it’s one of the most comfortable and versatile chairs we’ve ever owned. It’s nice to snuggle by the fire together to conserve warmth, plus it’s zero gravity and reclines for quick naps. It has two detachable tables with cup holders, a detachable pillow and easily fits both of us with room to spare.

Bonfire Solo Stove

Solo Stove (Bonfire)

The solo stove is stepping up the fire pit game. It’s clean burning which means you don’t smoke out your campsite neighbors (or go to bed smelling like a campfire…) and it’s completely self-contained which means you can take it to campgrounds that do not have designated fire rings. And did I mention it burns clean…! #nosmoke. It’s remarkably easy to light thanks to the ventilation holes around the base and super easy to clean. It comes with a heavy-duty drawstring bag so you can throw it in the car, no mess, no fuss. The stand is an add-on but well worth the purchase to get it up off the ground further which promotes even better airflow and allows the Solo Stove to be put on just about any surface. We have the Bonfire size which produces a fire equivalent to what you would normally have in a state park fire ring.

device mount on a dashboard

Ram Mounts

We have these everywhere…! In our Jeep, in the F-150, on the mountain bikes, on Drew’s motorbike. They are exceptionally robust and perfect for off-roading. The rubber grips are non-slip and act as mini shock absorbers to minimize rattle on your devices. No matter the terrain, your phone, GPS or iPad is not going anywhere. Easy to use one-handed by pressing the spring-loaded quick-release arms together. There are a range of interchangeable mounts from windshield suction cup to dash mounts. And they have a lifetime warranty!

ARB fridge freezer in the back of a truck

ARB Elements Fridge/Freezer

We’ve had many car fridges in the past, but this ARB fridge/freezer is a stand-out…it’s completely weatherproof. It has a 63-quart capacity and although it does not feature dual-zones, there is a section where we keep our fruit & veg from freezing. The gas struts mean the lid will not fall down on you, from any angle. For security, the lid locks via the touchpad control system and you can maintain the temperature via Bluetooth. The 304 stainless shell reflects heat and has stood up to being knocked around in the tray by firewood, boxes and tools. Very sturdy and it looks great too!

wood carrier

Amagabeli Canvas Log Carrier

We recently purchased this canvas wood carrier which is so useful when dry camping, or anywhere you are scouting for firewood, or needing to carry wood back to the campsite. It’s lightweight and super durable, made of a waxed canvas material that is waterproof. We’ve also used it as a carry bag to transport items from the campsite to the car.

Portable Espresso Machine

This WACACO Nanopresso is a lifesaver. We take this machine everywhere with us. It’s been backpacking, boating, bicycling, tent camping, and it’s perfect for day trips in the truck. All you need is hot water. The hand pump system gets up to 18bar of pressure and makes the smoothest espresso. It weighs just 12oz! In places we don’t have a fire to heat the water, we carry the MSR Pocket Rocket stove which is just 3.4oz which heats the water in 3-4 minutes even in the snow!

air compressor

ARB Air Compressor

We are so used to having onboard air that when we purchased our ARB 12V portable compressor, we mounted it in the tray of our truck. It comes in a toolbox-style carry case, with a 19-foot air hose, wiring loom and dust/moisture resistant case. We have found the 19 feet of hose to be enough to reach all 4 tires of the truck, plus we use it to top up our AirLift airbags in the rear suspension. It’s compatible with an air tank which will definitely be a future purchase of ours as we start beach driving this summer.

MPowered USB Lights

MPowered USB Lights

We have both the LUCI Base Light & the LUCI Pro Series solar lanterns. Both are inflatable, with the Base Light putting out 360 lumens vs 150 lumens on the Pro Series. Both last up to 50hrs and have USB ports so they can be used as portable power banks which is perfect when using them away from the campsite. We leave ours outside in the sun during the day to charge, and even take them kayaking as a phone charger and they’re still ready to use come nightfall based on the solar charge that day. Super lightweight and they even float!

cast iron camp stove

4 Quart Camp Oven

We love our cast iron camp oven, it’s just so versatile. We cook everything from stews, to pizzas, to banana bread in it. The 4-quart size is perfect for the two of us, but we have also cooked a roast for 4 people, including meat and veg. The deep lid holds plenty of coals which helps cook the food evenly. Definitely invest in a pair of good welding gloves to help maneuver the pot around in the fire.

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