5th Annual Campers Choice Awards

Campendium’s Fifth Annual Campers Choice Awards recognizes the eight hundred and forty campgrounds that received at least four 4-star or more reviews in 2021 from the Campendium community.

Best National Park Campground 2021 Best National Forest Campground 2021 Best BLM Camping 2021
Best National Park Campgrounds Best National Forest Campgrounds Best BLM Camping
Best Free Camping 2021 Best RV Parks 2021 Best State Park Campgrounds 2021
Best Free Camping Best RV Parks Best State Park Campgrounds
Best County Park Campgrounds 2021 Best City Park Campgrounds 2021 Best Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds 2021
Best County Park Campgrounds Best City Park Campgrounds Best Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds

Best Camping Overall by Category

Below are the winners of each category that received the most five-star reviews from the Campendium community in 2021.

best national park camping 2021

2021 Best National Park Campground –
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Belle Fourche Campground | Devils Tower National Monument – Devils Tower, WY

“This spot was so beautiful, with views of Devils Tower from the whole campground.” – L&K Full Time

best national forest camping 2021

2021 Best National Forest Campground –
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Nomad View Dispersed Camping | Buffalo Gap National Grassland – Wall, SD

“Absolutely loved camping here. Absolutely spectacular views. Very quiet. Millions of stars.” – AnnCat8

best blm camping

2021 Best BLM Camping – View All

Sunset Reef Campground – Carlsbad, NM

“Amazing views every direction you look.” – More Sunsets Please

best free camping

2021 Best Free Camping – View All

Nomad View Dispersed Camping | Buffalo Gap National Grassland – Wall, SD

“Waking up at sunrise to the spectacular badlands was an experience I’ll never forget (set your alarm, just do it!).” – AdventureSomewhere

best rv park 2021

2021 Best RV Park – View All

Mountain View Campground – Hiawassee, GA

“The scenic views and the friendliness of the owners make this our favorite campground.” – Gprice

best state park campground 2021

2021 Best State Park Campground – View All

Skidaway Island State Park – Savannah, GA

“Wow! I can’t say enough about how great this place it. It is the most beautiful campground I have been in, with huge trees and Spanish moss.” – The empty nesters

best county park 2021

2021 Best County Park Campground – View All

Gilbert Ray Campground – Tucson, AZ

“The views of the desert and mountains are breathtaking as are the nearby hiking trails.” – rdvanes

best city park 2021

2021 Best City Park Campground – View All

Junction City Schreiner Park Campground – Junction, TX

” Fantastic spot, right on the river! Beautiful place to relax, kayak, fish etc.” – AngieM

best army corps of engineers camping 2021

2021 Best Army Corps of Engineers Campground- View All

Peterburg Campground – Appling, GA

“It was very peaceful and quiet and made for a pleasant night’s rest.” – cruisingkitty

Best Camping by State

Best Camping in Alabama Best Camping in Arizona Best Camping in Arkansas
Alabama Arizona Arkansas
Best Camping in California Best Camping in Colorado Best Camping in Florida
California Colorado Florida
Best Camping in Georgia Best Camping in Idaho Best Camping in Illinois
Georgia Idaho Illinois
Best Camping in Iowa Best Camping in Kansas Best Camping in Kentucky
Iowa Kansas Kentucky
Best Camping in Louisiana Best Camping in Michigan Best Camping in Minnesota
Louisiana Michigan Minnesota
Best Camping in Mississippi Best Camping in Missouri Best Camping in Montana
Mississippi Missouri Montana
Best Camping in Nebraska Best Camping in Nevada Best Camping in New Mexico
Nebraska Nevada New Mexico
Best Camping in North Carolina Best Camping in North Dakota Best Camping in Oklahoma
North Carolina North Dakota Oklahoma
Best Camping in Oregon Best Camping in Pennsylvania Best Camping in South Carolina
Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina
Best Camping in South Dakota Best Camping in Tennessee Best Camping in Texas
South Dakota Tennessee Texas
Best Camping in Utah Best Camping in Virginia Best Camping in Washington
Utah Virginia Washington
Best Camping in Wyoming Best Camping in Other States
Wyoming Other States

Best Camping Overall by State

Below are the winners of each category that received the most five-star reviews from the Campendium community in 2021.

best camping in alabama 2021

2021 Best Camping in Alabama – View All

Gulf State Park – Orange Beach, AL

“Brilliant state park in the heart of the Gulf Shores beachfront community, like an oasis from the tourist traps, but in the heart of it all.” – Slices of Pie

best camping in Arizona 2021

2021 Best Camping in Arizona –
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Soap Creek Dispersed Camping – Marble Canyon

“This location was one of the most amazing and magical spots that we have ever been to.” – farfromordinary

best Arkansas 2021

2021 Best Camping in Arkansas – View All

Gulpha Gorge Campground – Hot Springs National Park, AR

“Quiet and peaceful park within steps of some great trails.” – ETK

best camping in California 2021

2021 Best Camping in California – View All

Tuttle Creek Campground – Lone Pine, CA

“We really enjoyed the peace and quiet of being on the Eastern Sierra with Tuttle Creek babbling by the campsite.” – Tom & Shirley

best camping in Colorado 2021

2021 Best Camping in Colorado – View All

Madden Peak Road Dispersed Camping – Hesperus, CO

“Each one is separated by woods and boulders to keep privacy.” – Logan

best camping in florida 2021

2021 Best Camping in Florida – View All

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park – Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“Most spectacular state park with lots of trails for biking & walking.” – Abistro

best camping in Georgia 2021

2021 Best Camping in Georgia – View All

Mountain View Campground – Hiawassee, GA

“We thoroughly enjoyed our month long stay at this wonderful, peaceful park with amazing mountain views!” – Deb & Marc

best camping in Idaho 2021

2021 Best Camping in Idaho – View All

Bootjack Dispersed Camping – Island Park, ID

“We had a nice sunny spot for solar with great mountain views but there are plenty of shaded areas if you don’t want the sun.” – Big Fry

best camping in Illinois 2021

2021 Best Camping in Illinois – View All

Double J Campground & RV Park – Chatham, IL

“One of the best overall campgrounds. Everyone is personable and helpful.” – Mark

best camping in iowa 2021

2021 Best Camping in Iowa – View All

Grant Nature Park Campground – Swan, IA

“This is absolutely a hidden gem!” – Ellen

best camping in kansas

2021 Best Camping in Kansas – View All

Ellis Lakeside Campground – Ellis, KS
“Beautiful lake views with towering cottonwoods make this a much better option over sleeping at a rest area.” – Wander for the Wild

best camping in kentucky

2021 Best Camping in Kentucky- View All

Cave Country RV Campground – Cave City, KY

“This park is in the perfect location when visiting Mammoth Cave NP. “ – Tentless Texans

best camping in louisiana

2021 Best Camping in Louisiana – View All

Burns Point Park & RV Campground – Franklin, LA

“The sunset was incredible and the sites are right on the water.” – Ochie

best camping in michigan

2021 Best Camping in Michigan- View All

Platte River Campground – Honor, MI

“A 9 out of 10 on our Snobby Camper Scale. Quiet and spacious spots with lots of trees.” – SnobbyCamper

best camping in minnesota

2021 Best Camping in Minnesota – View All

Red River State Park – East Grand Forks, MN

“What a gem! The spots are so spacious and with full hookups!” – JAMA Overland

best camping in mississppi

2021 Best Camping in Mississppi – View All

Twiltley Branch Campground – Collinsville, MS

“This park is wonderful. Clean, quiet and right on the lake with a private beach.” – jennaveese

best camping in missouri

2021 Best Camping in Missouri – View All

Cooks RV Motor Park – Springfield, MO

“This is a very nice peaceful place to stay. Quiet, yet close to anything you need.” – Boat

best camping in montana

2021 Best Camping in Montana – View All

7th Ranch RV Park – Garryowen, MT

“Big bonus is you get ice cream when you check in and who doesn’t like ice cream!” – Jeff & Steff’s Excellent Adventure

best camping in nebraska

2021 Best Camping in Nebraska – View All

Prairie Oasis Campground & Cabins – Henderson, NE

“Lovely ‘oasis’ in the middle of Nebraska. Beautiful grounds.” – HB

best camping in nevada

2021 Best Camping in Nevada – View All

Atlatl Rock Campground – Overton, NV

“Huge red rocks with lots of varied formations, petroglyphs carved into many of them – decent opportunities for hiking and exploring.” – JaniceVan

best camping in new mexico

2021 Best Camping in New Mexico – View All

Sunset Reef Campground – Carlsbad, NM

“There is a good view of the Guadalupe Mountains, pretty sunrises and sunsets.” – Cedar

best camping in north carolina

2021 Best Camping in North Carolina – View All

Riverwalk on the Yakin RV Park – Jonesville, NC

“The Greenway adjacent to the RV park was a wonderful, shaded place to walk next to the river.” – Littlebit

best camping in north dakota

2021 Best Camping in North Dakota – View All

Scoria Pit Dispersed Camping – Medora, ND

“The views are great and there’s minimal light pollution at night for you avid star gazers.” – Bill B

best camping in oklahoma

2021 Best Camping in Oklahoma – View All

Territory Route 66 RV Park & Campgrounds – Bridgeport, OK

“The park is immaculate. The sites are spacious and very well maintained.” – StepheNancy

best camping in oregon

2021 Best Camping in Oregon- View All

Harris Beach State Park – Brookings, OR

“This is one of the most beautiful RV parks we have ever stayed in. It’s so nice you just want to hang out in your camp spot and walk to the beach a few times a day.” – LAH

best camping in pennsylvania

2021 Best Camping in Pennsylvania – View All

Moon Lake Recreation Area – Hunlock Creek, PA

“This was a gem of a site!” – JYoung

best camping in south carolina

2021 Best Camping in South Carolina – View All

James Island County Park & Campground – Charleston, SC

“One of the nicest campgrounds we ever stayed at! It has everything you could imagine and more.” – Jimmy

best camping in south dakota

2021 Best Camping in South Dakota – View All

Nomad View Dispersed Camping – Wall, SD

“The coyotes and other animals performed a special sunrise symphony that we were told happens every day at sunrise and sunset.” -AdventureSomewhere

best camping in tennessee

2021 Best Camping in Tennessee- View All

Parkers Crossroads RV Park – Yuma, TN

“Everyone at Parkers Crossroads RV is friendly and it is set in the midst of beautiful rolling farmland.” – wandar

camping in texas

2021 Best Camping in Texas – View All

Road Runner Travelers RV Park – Terlingua, TX

“The location is top notch, conveniently located to both Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park (a hidden gem).” – Caitlin K

best camping in utah

2021 Best Camping in Utah – View All

Tom’s Best Spring Dispersed Camping – Panguitch, UT

“Area is full of pine trees and absolutely beautiful.” – Nic S

best camping in virginia

2021 Best Camping in Virgina – View All

Pocahontas State Park – Chesterfield, VA

“Mountain bikers delight but separate trails for hikers to enjoy as well. Great time paddle boarding for the family.” – the PRU crew

best camping in washington

2021 Best Camping in Washington – View All

Allens Bar Campground – Forks, WA

“This spot is amazing.” – baconsontheroad

best camping in wyoming

2021 Best Camping in Wyoming – View All

Belle Fourche Campground – Devils Tower, WY

“The view from just about anywhere in the campground is spectacular as you’re right at the base of Devils Tower.” – LT

Best Camping in Other States