Sarah & Chris’ Favorite Camping Gear for Cats

Jul 1, 2021 | Best Camping Gear

Sarah & Chris’ Favorite Camping Gear for Cats

By Campendium

Two cats laying together on a rug.
Camping with your cats can be a truly amazing and life changing experience. Follow our tips below to purchase these must needed items and get your cats on the road! Starting us off is a photo of Bailey Jean (BJ) and James Bond (JB) enjoying their Happy Place (the rug). They are excited to share a list of their favorite things with you, and yes, they are almost identical! They are 18 months old, brother and sister rescued from the same litter.

Cat laying on a camp chair with a portable power station.

iRozce 300W Portable Power Station

We wanted the option to go off the grid if needed and still be able to power some AC must-haves, like our self scooping litter box. This works great and can last about a day with one or two things connected before needing to be charged. Definitely suggested!

Cat sitting on the top of a cat tree.

Small Cat Tree

We have a small cat tree for the kitties. This is a must to keep their nails healthy and give them options to scratch that aren’t the window treatments. Our small cat tree doubles as a way for them to access the bunk area as well.

Cat laying on the bed with a pet camera.

Heimvision Camera

We like to spy on the kitties when we are gone, so we ordered this camera. It works pretty well and can display most of our main living area. It uses Wi-Fi to connect.

Cat laying on a window perch inside an RV.

Cat Window Lounge

More than things to scratch on, our cats love this perch. This window perch creates an elevated location where our kitties can sit inside near windows and see what is going on at the campground while being safe inside. Definite must have!

Cat chilling in a pet hammock outside an RV.

Cat Hammock

This hammock can be used outside the camper when supervised.

A couple standing in front of a sign and wearing a cat backpack.

Cat Backpack

Safety is one of the most important things when animals are involved. We love to get our babies outside and enjoying nature. They have leashes and backpacks for our adventure hikes. The backpacks can also be a great place to put the cats in case the camper has to be evacuated in an emergency.

Cat helping show off a WiFi thermostat.

Govee WiFi Thermometer

Since we can’t always be at the camper with the kitties, we purchased this to monitor the temperature while we are gone. It works well and uses 2.4 GHz WiFi to transmit the data.

Couple sitting inside a screened tent behind their RV.

Coleman Instant Screenhouse

Our Coleman Instant Screenhouse is a must-have and helps us create outdoor space for the cats without bugs or fear of them running off. We have used it all over the map. It sets up in minutes and breaks down to a small carrying bag.

Two cats playing in a tent.

Cat Tent

If you want a tent just for the kitties, this is a great option as well. It pops up in seconds. Bailey Jean and James Bond enjoy their playtime in this tent.

Two cats sharing a pet bed.

Heated Bed

Our kitties have always had one of these. But it comes in super handy when you are on the road and experiencing cold nighttime temps! They also work well as a non-heated bed when unplugged.

Cat on a bed with a vacuum cleaner.

Cordless Hand Vacuum

Anyone who has traveled with cats can relate to all the FUR all over the RV! It feels like we are constantly vacuuming. We wanted something with strong suction and this Ryobi cordless has done quite well. We charge the battery about once a week and it helps clean up all the furballs! This uses the same battery as other Ryobi power tools, making it super convenient since we also have the drill and air compressor.

One cat laying on a towel at the beach and the other is in a carrier.

Sand Cloud XL Towel

Our cats love to go to the beach with us. The Sand Cloud XL towel is really nice. It repels water and rarely needs to be washed – sand just falls off when you pick it up. If you are headed to a beach location, get one! We have been thinking about trying their new bath towels as well, fast drying and RV certainly go well together!

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