Tanner and Nallely’s Favorite Camping Gear

Oct 11, 2020 | Best Camping Gear

Tanner and Nallely’s Favorite Camping Gear

By Campendium

Tanner and Nallely

We are Tanner and Nallely from Essentially Streaming and we have been living fulltime in our 30ft Airstream since 2017. We recently took off to travel fulltime and boondocking is our favorite way of camping. It has given us more flexibility and the views have been unbeatable! Because traveling fulltime and boondocking come with a learning curve, we want to share with you some of our favorite items that make it a little bit easier!

Honda Generator

Honda 2200 Generators

Let’s get some of the pricier (but necessary) items out of the way first! Generators: everyone hates to love them but sometimes you just have to have one! We have the Honda 2200 inverter generators and we have been very impressed with their efficiency and how quiet they are. We don’t use them often, but we have needed at least one to top off our batteries when we haven’t had sunshine for the day. Definitely a must-have (even as a backup to solar) when boondocking

zamp solar panels

Zamp Solar 180 Watt Briefcase

We don’t have a full solar system yet but we do have this Zamp solar briefcase. It has been an absolute game changer for us and it’s paid for itself already! If you aren’t sure how much solar you need or are just getting into boondocking, this is a great choice to get your feet wet! It has allowed us to keep our batteries topped off, our devices charged and as a glamping bonus we can use our Ninja blender to make what we like to call solar smoothies!

tire pressure monitor system

EEZ Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Here is another must for anyone who travels whether it be fulltime, part time or just for vacation. Before taking off to travel fulltime, we made sure to purchase this Tire Pressure Monitoring System for our Airstream tires. It gives us peace of mind driving down the road because we can always glance at the screen to monitor what our tire pressures are doing. It really came in handy when we drove through the panhandle of Oklahoma on a 100 plus degree day. The TPMS alerted us that our Airstream tires were becoming over pressurized due to the hot road. We pulled over, let air out of the tires and went on our way safely.

viair air compressor

Viair Portable Air Compressor

Talking about tires and needing to let air out, sometimes you’ve got to air them up. This little air compressor is compact and fits just about anywhere. It is good to have on hand, especially when traveling through different elevations!

Simple Human Shower Pump

Simple Human Shower Pump

This was one of the first items we purchased when we bought our Airstream. We mounted it to our shower wall and it has created so much space in our tiny shower. We recommend mounting it with waterproof silicone so that it doesn’t fall when traveling. We fill it up as needed and now we don’t have a million bottles cluttering our shower.

blackstone grill

Blackstone 17 inch Table Top Grill

This is probably one of Tanner’s favorite camping items. He is the cook in our family and uses the Blackstone just about every day. It is perfect for grilling veggies, burgers, chicken, salmon, you name it! He bought this quick connect RV propane extension hose that’s compatible with the Blackstone to connect directly to the Airstreams propane.



Can we all agree that making an RV bed should be an Olympic sport? We heard all the horror stories of making the bed in an RV so our Beddys was the first major item we bought for our Airstream. Beddys is an all-in-one comforter and sheet system that zips up like a sleeping bag! It takes seconds to make and because it fits around the mattress snugly like a fitted sheet, you can access the under-bed storage without messing with bed covers! You can use the link above or code STREAMING to receive 15% off your purchase.



I’m sure you have all seen this weird looking silver tube and thought what’s the big deal? We also had that same question until we finally purchased one. The Berkey water filter truly is a big deal and has changed our water consumption drastically. Because it filters 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses, we no longer have to haul around cases of plastic water bottles. We have the Big Berkey and fill it up about once a day. It has allowed us to drink more water and reduce our plastic consumption. It is economical and environmentally friendly.

zero g hose

Zero G Hose

We absolutely love this hose. It is 50 feet long but it’s super lightweight, flexible and can be easily stored.



These X-Chocks are seriously about as amazing as sliced bread. Tanner loves these for many reasons: 1. They are a quick way to add a little bit of stabilization to the Airstream when we are at an overnight spot without having to put all the stabilizers down. 2. When added with the stabilizers, it makes the Airstream much more stable! 3. They act as an added measure of security when boondocking as another deterrent in case someone wants to take the Airstream for a joy ride.



The camping experience isn’t complete without hammocks! We love how sturdy, well made and lightweight our Kammok hammocks are. Kammoks come with a lifetime guarantee and as a bonus they are a company from our neck of the woods; Austin, TX!

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