2016 Fundraiser

July 18th - 25th


Hey there Happy Camper!

Love to see that smile on your face. We’re guessing that, instead of driving around in circles looking for that perfect mountain vista, you just popped onto Campendium, found exactly the spot you wanted, and now you’re simply basking in the glow of glorious Mother Nature herself!

And we couldn’t be happier. Everything about Campendium was created for exactly that, to help campers find great campsites.

But now, we need your help!

What can I do?

  1. Look through the awesome swag we have this year, and find something you’ll be proud to wear around the campfire.
  2. Buy it! When you buy a shirt, sticker or hat you’re really making a donation to Campendium.com, and if you’d like to donate more, we’ve made that easy, too.
  3. Spread the word! Tell everyone you know who likes to camp about Campendium. It’s so easy, just click any of these buttons:
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What’s a Campendium?

You know how you want to go camping but Whatchamahonie State Park is always so darned packed it feels more like waiting in line at the DMV than roughing it? Remember that time you were driving around in Nowheresville, South Virginia and tried desperately to find a campground for the night but Google sent you off to some mobile home community instead?

Campendium solves these problems by giving you instant access to just about every campground in the US that offers accommodations for RVers. That means boondocking in California’s deserts and glamping in Florida’s RV Resorts. Want a free place to camp in Washington? Our filters make it easy. Need full-hookups? Looking for an Escapees campground near you? Campendium makes such fast work of this stuff it’s like you’re going back in time. Seriously, if the DeLorean was an RV, Marty McFly would be our spokesperson.

On top of that, Campendium offers reviews and links to blog posts about specific campgrounds, so you can know immediately if the pool is going to be as blue as the swirly stripes on your Jayco or if your campsite is going to feel like a sardine canning factory.

But don’t take Levar Burton’s word for it, give it a try for yourself!

And when you’re done, come on back and back the fundraiser!

Why Should I Help?

It’s expensive running a website that requires so many resources!

Campendium was created by a couple of full-time travelers who were frustrated with how difficult it was to find great places to camp, and other resources online that just didn’t have information we RVers and camp-goers actually care about. So they created this site to rectify that, and did so out of their own pockets.

But thanks to folks like you, we can keep adding new features, fixing bugs and best of all, adding more and more campgrounds!

Plus, this year, for every dollar we raise (up to $10,000), Leave it Beautiful – brought to you by Airstream has agreed to match it! How sweet is that?

a screenshot showing campendium pro features like cell service overlay maps

Supporter Subscription

Support Campendium & get access to pro features like:

  • Cell Carrier Data
  • Public Land Overlays
  • Trail Map Layers
  • Ad Free
Unlock Features $20 Billed Annually