200 Watt Off Grid Portable Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase

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“We love our ground deploy solar. We currently have 2 of these units (w/o the built in charge controller) wired to a Victron Smart Solar 100/30. Having 400 watts on the ground that you can aim at the sun is great. It does require a bit more work, you have to be aware of the wind conditions, and change the angle throughout the day (or you can simply lay them flat down). Its nice to be able to park the rig in a more shaded area if needed, or have plenty of power on the overcast days (we also have 4 100 watt Renogy Eclipse panels on the roof into a separate Victron controller. Another advantage is once we know the sun angle for the morning, we tilt them first thing (normally when the dogs go out) and we are typically fully recharged by 10 am, just as the roof panels are really starting to wake up. Just a little extra energy independence.”

“We run on the power of the sun. Pretty amazing to think that’s even possible. We crammed 5 100 watt panels on our roof, but as our power usage has grown, we added this 200w ground deploy. It’s been vital to keeping our batteries full in the winter months. We love that it comes with a carrying case, and can easily lay flat in the bed of the truck on travel days.”

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