Callisto 30 Degree Sleeping Bag

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“Over the years, we’ve lived in a VW Bus, an Airstream, a regular old van…and sometimes we just take a tent up into the woods. In every situation, we’ve had nice blankets and thrift store blankets. They add a modicum of decor reminiscent of a time when my Great Aunty Lola may have lived in a van through the Great Depression. They don’t really work though since our children can kick them off relatively easily.

We also enjoy skirting the seasons, where you can enjoy Oregon into November without the crowds, or do one last road trip through North Dakota while it’s just you and a herd of bison left to explore Teddy Roosevelt National Park. To meet both the needs of our children’s nightly warmth and ensuring they won’t just kick them down onto the floor, leaving their little toes to become piggy pops, we like sleeping bags, and these ones have held up and treated us right for the past couple of years.”

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