AC/DC Front-Open Fridge Freezer

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“On a pricier note, we live in solar. We also like cold stuff to eat and drink, but refrigerators take up most of our power. We don’t want one of those 12v fridges that only open from the top, because sure, they save power, but like any cooler-shaped device, they get all icky gross at the bottom and you have to dig through them like the ancient van dwelling cave people of old once did. Given that we spend most of our days outside climbing mountains and paddling rivers and working on engines and generally living a modicum of discomfort below what the average human experiences these days when it comes to reaching into the fridge for a block of cheese, I want to know that my hand will not come back out covered in raspberry goo. After many long months of research, we decided on this Engel Fridge. It draws less than 3amps and we’ve managed to keep it going with a single AGM battery and 100 watts of solar.”

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