Anderson Leveler Chocks

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“The Anderson Levelers are another way we setup quickly. When we use them with the Level Mate Pro it makes having our rig level side by side quick and easy with no install. We simply pull up on the wedges until we are level and chock the wheels.”

“I used to use the very common Lynx Levelers blocks for leveling. I still do on occasion, but the wedge shaped Andersen levelers are way easier to use. I use the Andersens now almost every time. It’s a matter of not having to “guess” how many blocks to use. You only have to either drive a little forwards or backwards on the wedge to get it right. If the Andersen isn’t high enough, I then will use my blocks, but this is rare. You can potentially also use the Andersen wedge to get up onto high stacked blocks. Winning.”

“These levelers and sturdy and easy to use! We use these along with the LevelMate PRO which makes getting level quick and accurate.”

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