Bamboo 12-piece Dish Set

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“When we lived in the Airstream, Kerri insisted on using glass dishware (and never had an issue with it breaking during travel!), but in the van, conserving every bit of weight, space, and ease-of-use must become an art form. We traded in our “real” dishes for this light and durable dishware made from renewable bamboo scraps. It holds up well, has great color options, and has a much more pleasing look and texture than other non-glass options.”

“I know that Kerri and Tim mentioned these in their blog post as well, but we’re so enamored with them that we had to put them in ours, too! I really like the way these all nest to save space and they clean up beautifully. We started with just the large pasta bowls and then have added to our collection over the last 18 months. (Yes, there used to be 4 cups. Pro tip: they don’t withstand being dropped on rocks.)”

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