BPA-Free 5.5 Gallon Water Storage Container

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“Over the years, we’ve tried a few different water storage methods, and have found that in addition to being BPA-free, the Reliance Rhino Water Jugs are sturdy, the easiest to hold while emptying into our tanks and have a nice slim profile for storage.”

“The go to water jug. The sides lock together well when they are set side by side, so they rarely tip over. Some folks complain about them leaking around the caps, but if you take a few minutes while you are sitting around a nice camp fire and with a paring or pocket knife and clean up the plastic molding remanence on the threads, that pretty much eliminates all the leaking. They are easy to carry, and have a nice ergonomic grip at the bottom for tipping/filling.”

“Our portable water jugs (we have two) have been a real asset when we aren’t hooked up to city water. They allow us to get water from places that we can’t easily pull the trailer up to, we can pick up extra water while we’re out running errands, and it means we can bring 12 additional gallons when we head to a new boondocking spot. We used to have soft-sided jugs which ended up getting leaks so we love how heavy duty these are.”

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