Command Strips

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“I want to talk about Command Strips. Who in the heck invented these little miracles? A genius, I tell ya!

I use Command Strips to hang up all sorts of things in my RV. In case you live under a rock, Command Strips allow you to adhere items to walls without damaging said walls.

If you so desire, you can remove the Command Strips without damaging the wall or what you’ve attached. Definitely a miracle.

Command Strips come in different lengths and holding abilities. There are all sorts of nifty Command Strip accessories, such as hooks that you can hang lighter weight items from (I use them to hang anything from my broom to hats and coats).

There are also Velcro versions that let you remove items and stick them back up in the same place. I use those for pictures, though I never remove them. Makes me wonder why I didn’t use normal Command Strips…”

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