Edison the Petit Lamp

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“We love our rechargeable Fatboy lamps and use them on our bedside tables. They have three brightness settings, I use low for reading when Brian is sleeping and medium if he’s awake. I only use the high setting if I’m trying to find something and need more light to see. These lamps are also great for bringing outside and using on a picnic table. They’re a little expensive, so we bought one to see if we liked it and immediately bought another. There are lampshades available too if you’re interested in making them more decorative.”

“The overhead lighting in our trailer is blindingly awful; we absolutely hate it. Add to that fact, we’ve always preferred table and floor lighting, we were in love with the Fatboy lamp at first sight. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but it’s an awesome little lamp and it being cordless (micro USB rechargeable) allows us to use it in/outside.”

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