Hydroflask Tumblers

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“We absolutely love our Hydroflask tumblers for keeping it all cold and use them all day everyday. Yes, they even work with water. Ice is always at a premium so best to keep the drinks cold to start with. Plus they have the right amount of weight, feel good in your hand and don’t sweat on the furniture.”

“A stainless steel water flask combined with a Berkey water filter is the perfect one-two punch for keeping waste down and always having high quality drinking water with you. We don’t go anywhere without them. While there are tons of options to choose from, we prefer Hydro Flasks – they keep our water cold, and have lots of fun color options for the kids.”

“Maybe they’re super trendy, but we rely on these little metal canisters from Hydro Flask like a shotgun relies on its owner just being able to point it in a general direction. We have one for each of us and a bigger one that is just for ice. Day 1, we each have enough cold, cold water to last us all. Day 2, there’s some ice in the bottom leftover from yesterday, just add more water. By day 3 you can get into the big ice-only one, now partially water itself, and by day 4 you have an excuse to go somewhere and get more ice and water. Plus, where else are you going to put the umpteen stickers you come home from the brewery with?

I use the little one for coffee, too, at least when I want my coffee to continue scalding my lips off even a couple of hours after I’ve forgotten to drink it all.”

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