Instant Pot

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“When we do need to cook inside, the Instant Pot is the easiest way to do it. We are able to make an entire meal in under 30 minutes and in one pot. Dinner always tastes great, and there aren’t a ton of dishes to do!”

“I think the sous vide is hands down the best way to cook meat, but needing electricity for up to 48 hours and needing a lot of water doesn’t always make it a boondocking friendly choice. That’s when I turn to my Instapot. Fast cooking times and myriad of ways to use it, make it an indispensable cooking device. I even decorated mine. One of my favorite dishes are egg bites, Super easy to make and they freeze really well. Just eggs, Sausage, cheese, mushrooms and a little Bisquick in a silicone mold.”

“Instant Pot! Need I say more? Half the size of its big-city brother this pot has changed the way we prepare meals on the road. Pressure cooking grains, rice, beans, etc. is now within reach while reducing the heat and moisture generated. Plus, it gives you the benefit of a sauté pan and slow cooker, among other things.”

“Since our rig is 100% powered by solar (we don’t use any propane and don’t have a generator), it’s important to have kitchen appliances that are very energy efficient. The Instant Pot fits that bill. It also allows us to save weight and trash by not having to carry canned beans around and find places to recycle the cans.”

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