Magnetic Baggage Door Catch

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“After five years of dealing with the crappy latch mechanism to hold open my baggage doors, I finally installed these magnetic baggage door catches. OMG! Why did I wait this long????

Now instead of a two handed operation (better hope you aren’t carrying anything!), I can quickly open and secure my baggage doors with a single hand.

Yes, some manufacturers install magnetic catches as standard equipment, but many don’t. If you have the crappy two-hands necessary latches, consider this upgrade.

Only “catch” (see what I did there?) is that you have to have something steel on your baggage doors to “stick” to the magnetics. Many (most?) baggage doors have an aluminum frame, which won’t stick to a magnet (please tell me this isn’t news to you).

The “handles” on my baggage doors are steel, so I aligned the magnetic catches with these. Works perfectly!”

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