Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

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“We knew from our 5th wheel days that having a traditional RV toilet and black tank would keep us from staying off-grid for long periods. So during our renovation we made sure to install a composting toilet and replace + convert our black tank to an extra gray tank. While we do wish we would have plumbed the urine divider to go straight to the gray tank, we’re otherwise very happy to not deal with a black tank ever again. It definitely allows us to stay off-grid for much longer periods of time. ”

“Let’s play a fun game! How often do you have to dump your black tank? Like every 1.5-2 weeks? Now, guess how often we “dump” our toilet. Monthly! It’s true, we only change our toilet once a month and sometimes it’s even longer. So… I think that pretty much speaks for itself.”

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