Nikon 16003 10×42 ProStaff 7S Binoculars

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“I love birds. They’re pretty, and they’re apparently pre-cleared by the TSA as I never see them in the security line at Phoenix Sky Harbor. That said, I enjoy looking at them, and checking off boxes as to those which I’ve seen and clearly identified. I highly recommend US 41 from Miami to Naples, Florida should you want to experience flocks of strangely shaped winged creatures like you’ll see nowhere else in this nation.

To that end, I’ve owned a sub-$100 pair of binoculars which I picked up one year in Yosemite. I might as well have been looking through a cardboard tube. Last year, my beautiful wife got me these Nikon ProStaffs. For some reason, Amazon sent the 3s version. I tried them out. Then asked if we could get the ones we actually ordered, those being the 7s variety. The difference is astounding and I now waste most of my downtime looking at distant mountains, hoping to catch a couple of bighorns ramming one another or an eagle reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.”

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