Outdoor Tabletop Griddle

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“The Blackstone griddle is our favorite way to cook outdoors. Whether it’s time for a fun cookout or you want to have fish or bacon for dinner but don’t want the whole rig to smell like dinner the next day, it is a great option to easily get food ready for meal time with a simple cleanup.”

“This is probably one of Tanner’s favorite camping items. He is the cook in our family and uses the Blackstone just about every day. It is perfect for grilling veggies, burgers, chicken, salmon, you name it! He bought this quick connect RV propane extension hose that’s compatible with the Blackstone to connect directly to the Airstreams propane.”

“One morning we saw some people in a neighboring campsite cooking with one of these and it was love at first sight for me (Tim). It was less than a week after that first sight that our new 17” Blackstone Griddle arrived and we’ve been using it for many things ever since: Hash browns, Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, grilled cheese, French dip, pancakes, breakfast burritos, bacon just to name a few. It almost puts me in culinary heaven.”

“No camping setup is complete without a Blackstone griddle. This can be fueled with one pound fuel canisters or piped directly into the exterior propane quick connect on your rig. Whether it’s bacon and eggs for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch, or chicken and red skin potatoes for dinner, this is our favorite way to cook!”

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