Portable Grill

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“One of the downfalls of living in a 40’x10′ box? Cooking.

We cooked fish on the indoor stove once and smelled it on our clothes (which are stored within a 10′ proximity of your indoor stove) for weeks.

And, if we choose to turn on our convection oven or propane stove when the outside temperature has climbed above 70 degrees, we better prepare to apply extra deodorant and wipe sweat from our brows. Not even two air conditioners can fight the heat output of cooking indoors on a warm day.

Enter the Weber Portable Grill. We love our Weber Portable Grill. It folds up small enough to store in our bays – and keeps stinking cooking projects outside. Also, the sweet blue color is highly fashionable, and lets our neighbors know just how cool we really are. Metaphorically – and literally.”

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