Portable Propane Heater

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“Running the heat in our Airstream requires power, and when we’re boondocking during the cold winter months we want to stay warm and conserve battery power. Thanks to the Mr. Buddy propane heater, we’re able to do both; and rather than use one time use propane bottles that we can’t recycle, we have a little gallon propane tank that usually lasts a couple days when we’re running the heater in the morning and evenings.”

“Who’s your buddy? When it gets cold outside our Mr. Heater Big Buddy propane heater heats up our rig quickly without sucking down our batteries and propane tanks like our RV furnace. Bonus – it’s like having a cozy little fireplace in the living room. If you use the small one pound propane tanks the cost can add up. This handy adapter lets you refill for a fraction of the cost. Just invert the large tank and use forceps on the pressure relief valve for best results.”

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