Quick Zip Sheets

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“For the past couple years we’ve been using really nice linen sheets that my husband complained about every day when he makes the bed. The bottom sheet was hard to put on in the Airstream due to our side tables being up against the bed, and it regularly would slip off.

Just as we were planning to buy a new set of the same old sheets, Quick Zip asked us if we wanted to try theirs. After the initial test of putting them on, Brian is already happier with how easy it was and I (who loved our linen) found the sateen to be super comfy. We like the sheets so much so that we’re actually going to order more and change out all of our bedding!

About the zipper. The bed in our current Airstream isn’t as hard to make as our first where one side of the bed was up against a wall, however, we still struggle getting the bottom sheet on around the bedside tables. Now we can just zip it off rather than wrestle with the mattress!”

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