Rumble Jar

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“I have a confession to make. As much as living on the road can make you feel like an outsider already, a lone wolf howling at the full moon on a biker t-shirt in Sturgis, I went and made my leave even more chastisable by developing an addiction to drinking coffee cold. At first, it was just a flirtation, something to pass away the warm summer mornings as we jostled our way around Mexico in a beat-up VW Bus. Then we started living in our Airstream again, through a freezing cold winter, when I realized that I just couldn’t give it up. Warmth be hot damned, I was going to drink cold brew coffee if it froze my nose off.

After considerable research and multiple attempts, I found the Rumble Jar, which requires nothing but water, coffee and a shake around noon. By the next morning, it’s just me and a tall cold cup of saving $5 at the local nitro cold brew tap.”

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