Berkey Water Filter

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“Clean water is extremely important to us, but in many of the areas we travel in, water sources have elevated levels of arsenic and PFAS. After much research, we found the Berkey is the most effective gravity filter for cleaning water. Our water tastes great and we have peace of mind that we’re not ingesting harmful chemicals. The primary filters can be easily cleaned instead of replaced. We also utilize the secondary fluoride filters.”

“Drinking water is super important, and having a good water filter is a must. We definitely don’t want to create extra waste by buying cases of water bottles to drink. The Berkey is a simple gravity fed water filter that utilizes both charcoal and fluoride/arsenic filters. It will give you clean, safe drinking water and the filters can easily be replaced and purchased on Amazon. There are several sizes to choose from, but we’ve found that the Big Berkey is the perfect size for a travel trailer. Yes, we need to refill it more often, but the bigger Berkeys are tall and often won’t fit on RV countertops. Tip: If you can find a way to strap it to a wall while traveling it saves you from having to empty it and move it off the counter!”

“It is really important to us to know we are drinking safe water anywhere we go. We really love our Berkey because these filters last for several years, they are easy to clean, and they filter out 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and more. This 1.5 gallon size is perfect for us and we added a simple strap to hold it in place while traveling.”

“I’m sure you have all seen this weird looking silver tube and thought what’s the big deal? We also had that same question until we finally purchased one. The Berkey water filter truly is a big deal and has changed our water consumption drastically. Because it filters 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses, we no longer have to haul around cases of plastic water bottles. We have the Big Berkey and fill it up about once a day. It has allowed us to drink more water and reduce our plastic consumption. It is economical and environmentally friendly.”

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