YETI Tundra Cooler

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“The refrigerator in our van pulled too much power, was incredibly small and smelled funny. We decided to rip it out and put in a Yeti cooler and haven’t had any regrets. Our food stays cold for days, it fits perfectly in the space and the blue matches the interior.”

“We keep a whole separate cooler just for beer and mixers. When you are living out of a small fridge, it is best to just move those cans out. Dave loves his Yeti and we even had a cushion made for the top so we can use it as extra seating inside the RV. Ice really does last forever in there. We are so brand loyal that we also bought a small portable one to keep in our Jeep for road trips. But truth be told, if I knew about the Dometic 12 volt in the beginning, we would have sprung for that. Never having to worry about ice again would be a dream!”

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