Ultrasonic Rat Deterrent

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“We learned the hard way this year that packrats can easily cause thousands of dollars of damage. While parked at Lost Dutchman State Park they got us. Those little boogers chewed through some very important wires in our truck and we were stuck for a solid week while it was in the shop. Since then, we’ve installed two devices that should help keep them away. They mount in the hood of your car and emit a high pitched ultrasonic frequency that rodents hate. It also flashes lights in different patters, intervals, and colors.

You can take it a step further and use a solar powered rope light to illuminate the engine area as well.”

“We feel secure in a campground or wilderness campsite using these ultrasonic rodent deterrents in our camping van. These battery-operated defense mechanisms help keep rodents from chewing the vehicle wires, thus preventing towing charges and expensive vehicle repairs. These are easy to install and occasionally require replacing the AA batteries.”

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