Water Storage Bladder

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“You have to have fresh water when camping off-grid. And once you find that magical spot, you don’t want to have to hook up your trailer to go fill up your tank again. We’ve found that having an AquaTank2 30 gallon water bladder makes transporting large amounts of water simple. And it folds up tiny when not in use. Tip: Use a wireless drill and Drill pump to make the transfer from the bladder to you tank faster. Bonus Tip: Keep a few Rhino water jugs in the back of your tow vehicle for easy transport smaller amounts of water, and always try to have at least one full in case of an emergency.”

“I like to shower without turning the water off, fully rinse the soap from my dishes (that have probably been soaking), and water my Christmas tree. The water bladder is how we make all of those dreams a reality.”

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