Emergency Water Storage Kit

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“Being new to RV living, let alone boondocking most of the time, we weren’t positive of how long our 65-gallon freshwater tank would last with our family of 4. We are very active and drink a lot of water so we quickly realized we needed a boost to our off-grid water supply. Because we are in a class C motorhome instead of a 5th wheel with a truck – the normal water bladder would not work for us. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this 30 gallon (larger options available) water storage cube for under $100! It is more heavy-duty than we expected, and it comes with a filter and a pump! We have not used the filter yet, as we have a 4 part house filter for our drinking spout, but the pump is very helpful! Not going to lie, it is hard work to pump 30 gallons of water, but we just consider it our arm workout for the day! Once filled this cube cannot be moved, so we store it in the back of our jeep until we need it. These extra 30 gallons allow us to stay off-grid for 7-8 days vs. the 3-4 we were getting without it. It is a lifesaver and we will most likely buy another one!”

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