Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

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“Another thing that I use the Velcro version of Command Strips to hang on a wall is an Accurite wireless thermometer that reads both the inside and outside temps. Because I need to verify it’s damn cold inside (and out) when I wake up in Leadville, Colorado in the middle of January.

This Accurite temp reader has a wireless unit that you set outside to read, well, the outside air temp. Just make sure you put this in a place that’s shaded all day long so it reads accurately.

Accurite makes a large number of these temperature reading devices. This just happens to be the one I use. Maybe you are fancier than me and want a color version. Or one that reads humidity. Or one that predicts the winning lotto numbers (I kid!). That’s the beauty of life – choices.

(Before you say I’m truly crazy, no, I’ve never stayed in Leadville in January. That would be insane. RV or not.)”

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