Yeti 1500X Powerbank

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“This is a game-changer. The blender runs off it, laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, lanterns, coffee machine…all at the same time. The power bank is super quiet and charges while we’re driving. Once we reach camp, we connect it to the solar panels to maintain charge. Once charged, it will run our ARB Elements fridge for at least 3-days. It has a whopping 7 different port options from USB, to 12V to 120V. It does weigh about 45 pounds (about an average 5yr old child!) but it’s very easy to maneuver due to its size and the large handles. There are a multitude of adaptors and add-ons you can get from Goal Zero such as home integration kits, lights and cases. Not only great for camping but also for home in blackouts.”

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