Golf Courses with RV Camping

Nov 14, 2017 |

Golf Courses with RV Camping

By Nathan Paul Swartz

Arizona’s Best Golf Courses with RV Parks

Long has the Grand Canyon State found itself in a shoot out with Florida as “most likely place to retire,” Arizona is known for warm winters, the iconic saguaro cacti and flocks of migrating snowbirds by the thousands. If you find yourself all square between the two states, but dream of spotting an albatross of your own just yards from your RV, Arizona might just be the casual water you’ve been looking for.

If you’re the snowbirder type, and find yourself of the ripe young age of 55 or older, take a swing at Westwind RV & Golf Resort, where you’ll find amenities that not only include a bar and restaurant, but 9 holes of executive golfing. Feel free to bring Fido along to this one.

Not nearing retirement age? The bad news is that most of the RV park / golf courses in Arizona (and plenty of non-golf associated parks in the state) are pretty strict about keeping the youth off the greens. If you find yourself on the southern end of antiquity, you might set your GPS on the Douglas Municipal Golf Course RV Park. Otherwise, if you’ve already achieved the beauty and wisdom that only come with five and a half decades or more of birthdays, plenty of opportunity abounds. While many of these RV parks will be largely inhabited by seasonal and long term RVers, or even mobile homes, places like Desert Palms Golf & RV Resort offer more transient company, even if they’re still sticklers about the rules. What would golf be, after all, if we were all just out there scrambling away doing our own thing?

Wanna get your game on but not break the bank? Turquoise Valley Golf & RV Park in Naco, Arizona offers decent rates (especially with a Passport America membership) just off the fairway and only an 880 yard shot to the Mexican border!

California’s Best Golf Courses with RV Parks

If you prefer your fun in the sun accompanied by a little more Golden State than copper, head west to the promised lands of everything California has to offer; including ample chances to find the perfect green.

Only an hour or so from the coast, Benbow KOA & Golf Course promises all of the usual conveniences and luxuries of a KOA, but only a slight draw south of the Redwoods. Or farther north and east, in the “Great State of Jefferson,” Likely Place Golf & RV Park promises the perfect basecamp for not only chipping a morning or two away, but exploring the multitude of national forests and small town California that surrounds it.

If you find yourself traveling the I-5, just north of Sacramento, Campers Inn RV & Golf Resort would be happy to have you.

Back in the 55+ world, and that southern desert heat, you’ll find Sands RV & Golf Resort, just outside of Joshua Tree. Even if you come up all duffs on your morning nine, you can forget it all while sipping expensive hipster coffees in town or studying the expiring yuccas for which the national park takes its name.


RV Park Camping with Golfing in the Pacific Northwest

Farther up the west coast, Oregon is no stranger to the golf and camping experience, with places like Umpqua Golf Club & RV Resort and On the River Golf & RV Resort along the I-5 or Lewis & Clark Golf & RV Park in the lovely little oceanfront town of Astoria.

If you fly the Oregon green, though, have no fear, Washington has a few prime spots for worm burners and pitchers alike. From Willapa Harbor Golf & RV Park, near the coast, to Colockum Ridge Golf Course RV Park, closer to the high desert side of the state, there’s an abundance of scenery for your next big run for the nineteenth hole.

When it’s time to head east again, be sure to give Caribou Highlands a park for a night or two, for semi-shaded spots and reasonable rates just outside of Lava Hot Springs in the Gem Valley.

RV Park Camping with Golfing in the Southeastern United States

Find yourself on the complete opposite side of the country? Play through at some of the finest courses the South has to offer.

Get your game on while you wait for a reservation at Mammoth Caves National Park by dropping a provisional ball or two at Diamond Caverns RV Resort in Park City, Kentucky.

If you find yourself with Georgia on the mind, stock up on supplies (and bug spray) and pull yourself in just a few steps from the first tee at Wanee Lake Golf Course & RV Park as you head south on I-75. Does “the South” mean Texas to you? See what an entire course made of sand traps looks like at Crane County Golf Course & RV Park in West Texas, and don’t worry, you’ll still be comfortably east of the Pecos.

RV Park Camping with Golfing in the Northeastern United States

Finally, no RV trip around the nation would be complete without a venture through the country’s most prime golfing real estate. Forget the 55 and older requirements, the sandy scapes or need for fake grass, when the gods created the Northeast, they did so that one day man would come and sculpt some of the finest golf courses in the universe. Lucky for those of you who prefer to use an RV for a caddy, some even come with campgrounds.

Palmyra Golf Course & Campground in the wilds of Maine wins with the ace, hands down, with a clubhouse for dad and a playground for the kiddos, not to mention a true rarity in the RV world: good campground WiFi!

If instead you find yourself trying to get over the Great Lakes, Hillman, Michigan’s Thunder Bay will put you right in the leather.

Of course, consider this guide your starter. You can go for snowman or skull it all the way across the country finding your favorite RV park and golf course combos. Just be sure to look them on Campendium and let us know what you think of the place!