J.P.’s Favorite Camping Gear

Dec 10, 2019 | Best Camping Gear

J.P.’s Favorite Camping Gear

By Campendium

J.P.'s favorite camping gear

In my 6 years of full-timing, I’ve been through 2 RVs and countless RV accessories. For me, I’m trying to live a normal life and boondock as much as possible. That means making life as easy as possible and seeing some amazing places. My favorite things on the road are a mix of homely additions and RV life simplifying.

tub shroom

Tub shroom

The tubshroom is a must for the delicate plumbing of the RVs. A simple way to clean the shower drain of all the loose hair. And if you’re like me and shave in the shower to keep the mess to a minimum in those often cramped RV bathrooms, then this is what you’ve been looking for.

laser measurer

Laser Measurer

I’m rather proud of this hack. Hooking up the tow car to the Motorhome as a single RVer was always a guessing game for the perfect distance. Until I started using a laser measurer. I simply line up the tow car to the middle of the RV and set the laser against the front window. When the distance from the window to the back of the rig is in the sweet spot I know its time to hitch up!

alexa and dyson


I was a bit nervous at first to have this device listening all the time. But I have found it to be super useful and I love being able to quickly play music with little to no effort.


My Dyson cordless vacuum is great for the small space of an RV. And after 5 years when the battery wasn’t working as well, a simple replacement battery made it work like new again.

sous vide in RV

Sous Vide

My Favorite way of cooking is with a sous vide, Admittedly, not the most boondocker friendly device, but if you have hookups or a decent battery bank, there is no better way to cook meat than with a sous vide. You seal the meat into a food-safe bag then cook it slowly in a bath of water heating the food up to the exact perfect temperature without overcooking it. There are many advantages to this method, one being there is no place for the juices to escape and it is impossible to overcook the meat.

Contigo mugs

Contigo Mugs

To do it right, you need two! A hot one and a cold one. They both keep my drinks at the perfect temp for hours and they safe on dishes and water. Both are spill-proof and the cold one is great for taking a sip of water in bed without having to sit up in the middle of the night.

mobile office

Laser Printer

Pay more upfront but don’t worry about the ink. Inkjet printers are a horrible idea for an RV that gets really warm in the summer when I’m away for the day. The ink dries up and becomes unusable. A laser printer costs a little more upfront but the ink won’t go bad and will last for thousands of prints. If in need to print in color, I simply go to a printing shop of order photos online.

Bug Assault


Keep the RV fly free and have fun at the same time! The Bug-A-Salt shoots puffs of table salt to kill any flying insects. It does leave a bit of a mess but is a fun way to kill those pesky flies.

insta pot in the rv

Instant Pot

I think the sous vide is hands down the best way to cook meat, but needing electricity for up to 48 hours and needing a lot of water doesn’t always make it a boondocking friendly choice. That’s when I turn to my Instapot. Fast cooking times and myriad of ways to use it, make it an indispensable cooking device. I even decorated mine. One of my favorite dishes are egg bites, Super easy to make and they freeze really well. Just eggs, Sausage, cheese, mushrooms and a little Bisquick in a silicone mold.

Two things can’t be bought on Amazon, a membership in Xscapers and the RV app that everyone needs!

Xscapers is an RV club for working-age RVers and is a game-changer for those of us who live and work in RVs. With almost monthly gatherings called Convergences, it can be a lot of fun to spend time with other like-minded nomads on the road.

rv checklist

Ultimate RV Checklist

Without a doubt, this is a necessity. Such a necessity in fact that, I created it. I started with a paper list and wanted to simplify the process of hitching up and moving and through a purpose-built, app for such a thing is just what the RV worked needed. I didn’t find what I was looking for, so with the help of another full-time RVer we set about creating the ultimate RV checklist app. It comes with pre-Built lists of all you need to do to get your RV set up properly. And the app is fully customizable. It’s easy to make your own lists, add or take away from the pre-built ones and even upload your own photos of your RV and tow vehicles.

Available in the Android Play Store and iOS

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