Jonathan & Michael’s Favorite Camping Gear

Aug 8, 2020 | Best Camping Gear

Jonathan & Michael’s Favorite Camping Gear

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jonathan and michael's favorite camping gear

I bought my first RV (2002 Rialta) in 2016 fulfilling a decades-long dream of pursuing my wanderlust. There was very little room for many creature comforts in it so when I spotted my 2009 Fleetwood Pulse a year later, it was love at first sight. Over the past 3-years, Michael and I have made significant updates to the Pulse, plus outfitting it with a number of practical items to make it like home. Here are our favorites:
Bodum Bistro Electric Water Kettle

Bodum 0.5 Liter Water Kettle

This little powerhouse is great for a warm morning beverage, a cup of miso soup, or any other time you need hot water. Compact, efficient, and nicely designed, it does a great job.

happy camper rv tank treatment

Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment

The holding tank treatment shelf at your RV store is like the toothpaste isle at the drugstore. WAY too many choices. The liquid containers, the measuring, the spills turned me off to most of the options out there. Somewhere in the southwest I picked up a small container of this powdered product and have used it even since. I carry a medium size 40 treatment container but refill it with this Costco sized bucket.

Eva Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

Eva-dry Renewable Dehumidifier

This is one of Michael’s finds. The corner bed floorplan of this class C rig is conducive to trapping condensation in the storage compartments above the bed. This is particularly a problem in colder months in Michigan when heating, cooking and showering throw a lot of humidity into the air. The granular dehumidifier buckets were messy (and spills are a disaster) so these are a perfect to help keep things dry.

Anker 60W 6 Port USB Charging Station

Anker USB Wall Charger

Whether boondocking and using the inverter or on shore power, this USB charger has 6 slots. Between the two of us, with a smart phone each, a tablet, smart watches, small portable speaker and numerous other gadgets, we can’t have enough USB ports.

Safelite Glass Cleaner

Safelite Glass Cleaner

I love clean windows and am always frustrated by inability of grocery or hardware store cleaners to do a good job. During a service call to rescue my windshield one last time before having it replaced, the Safelite tech did an infomercial style demonstration of this stuff. My windows were a mess and amazingly, it worked! Now I enjoy cleaning my windows, inside and out. It can be used for other surfaces as well.

Teknor Apex Zero-G hose

Zero-G 5/8” x 25’ Fresh Water Hose

I LOVE this hose! Going on 4 years it continues to perform perfectly. It is light weight, durable, compact, and so easy to roll up and store. I always drain it of water and screw the ends together to prevent leaks between uses.

3 quart instant pot

3-Quart Instant Pot

Instant Pot! Need I say more? Half the size of its big city brother this pot has changed the way we prepare meals on the road. Pressure cooking grains, rice, beans, etc. is now within reach, while reducing the heat and moisture generated. Plus, it gives you the benefit of a sauté pan and slow cooker, among other things.

Nautical Rope Doormat, Handwoven Reversible Lobster Rope Mat

Nautical Rope Door Matt

This caught my eye in a shop in Apalachicola, FL if not for how nicely made it was, but the colors matched my rig. Heavy “nautical” nylon rope doesn’t absorb moisture, dries quickly and doesn’t trap all the sand and grit regular rug style mats do. Plus, it is the perfect “stand” for washing the dog with the outdoor shower. It drains the water away quickly and keeps wet paws out of the dirt and mud.

Light It By Fulcrum

Lanterna Wireless LED Touch Lamp

Having upgraded all my ceiling lights in the RV to LEDs, I have more than enough light when I need it. But sometimes, just a little light in the right place is all you need. This nicely designed desk lamp is perfect – it can be moved to where you need it (inside or out) and directs the light down. It has a pleasing heft to it as well.

bike rack for motorhome

Küat Bike Rack

I did an unusual amount of research about bike racks before investing in this one. It is a premium product and probably one of the most expensive items I added to my motorhome, besides the solar system, but I have no regrets. It just holds up and mounts very securely in a standard 2” trailer hitch. Plus, it can expand to hold up to 4 bikes.

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