Tiff & Deke’s Favorite Camping Gear

Sep 11, 2018 | Best Camping Gear

Tiff & Deke’s Favorite Camping Gear

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Tiffani and Deke are avid campers and good friends of Campendium. Tiffani contributed reviews and photos over a year before the website went live and before there were actual pages to see the campground listings. The two continue to be the first in line when we ask for help, and today we’re introducing a new series on the Campendium Blog where members of the community share their favorite camping gear.

best camping gear
Everything in their favorites list can be found on Amazon, which also happens to host Campendium. We thought it would be a cool way for people to share what they love and help support the site. The links below are affiliate links, and if you make a purchase on Amazon after clicking the link, Campendium will receive a small percentage of the sale which will help pay the hosting bills!

And now, we’ll pass it over to Tiffani, who has turned us on to so much good gear that hanging out with her can sure add up, but she’s never steered us wrong:

best sleeping pads

Klymet Double Sleeping Pad

We needed something more than our 3″ foam mattress to sleep on, but didn’t want to have anything custom made because of cost. I found the Klymet Double Pad online and the reviews were positive enough to make us order one. Its easy to inflate and has been incredibly comfortable to sleep on!

Yeti Cooler

The refrigerator in our van pulled too much power, was incredibly small and smelled funny. We decided to rip it out and put in a Yeti cooler and haven’t had any regrets. Our food stays cold for days, it fits perfectly in the space and the blue matches the interior.

best portable fire-pit for camping

Snow Peak Fire Pit

We love campfires, but don’t have room for a large, round fire pit. Snow Peak offers this one in a few sizes and it folds up flat for easy storage. Plus, it has a tray on the bottom to catch ashes which parks love!

Lucas Papaw Ointment

This is my go-to item in the medicine cabinet. Made from fermented papaya, this can be used on scrapes, burns, chapped lips, rashes, insect bites… you name it. It’s the best!

big water canteen

Miir Growler

We have a 7 gallon water container in the back of the van, but needed something small to keep in the kitchen area, and I didnt want a flimsy plastic bottle. I saw Miir products on Instagram and I loved their look, the story of the company and the community work they do (especially for the CA wildfire relief efforts). The water stays cold all day and is easy to fill.

eno double hammock

Eno Double Hammock

We’ve had this hammock for at least 6 years and its still in great condition and awesome to hang out in. Because its a double, if you’re in it alone, it almost covers you up — no sunburn if you fall asleep!

Mighty Bright 47017 Recharge Book Light

I can’t fall asleep without reading, and since there are no lights in the pop-top of the van, I really needed a small, rechargeable, bright book light. I wanted it to be flexible and lightweight too! I read about the Mighty Bright and it sounded perfect — it’s not too expensive and is rechargeable through our USB port. The surface is rubberized, and it has a flat on/off button that’s flush with the base — its super minimal in look and can bend and fold how I need it. I’m seriously thinking of ordering another so we both have one.

compact down jacket

Uniqlo Down Jacket

With closet space almost nothing in the van, this jacket has been a lifesaver. It’s very warm and packs up to the size of a Starbucks Vente! Uniqlo is a huge hit in our house and this product is a major winner for fall and winter van camping.

Pico Folding Outdoor Chairs

Friends of ours had these chairs on their boat, and after sitting on them for a few weeks, we knew they were comfortable enough to get, and the fact that they fold up to the size of a briefcase is a huge bonus for the van! We’ve had them for years and they’re still holding up great!

Nite Ize PetLit LED Collar Light

After a few times camping with the dog, we realized Rafi is much better behaved off-leash, but we wanted to keep an eye on him in those twilight hours, especially in places where he blends in with the surrounding desert, so I got this LED light for his collar and it does exactly what we need it to do. I did buy a backup set of batteries because they aren’t a typical size I was able to easily find, but the cost for both was still under $10. It’s bright, waterproof and twists on/off easily.

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