Why Campendium?

Aug 22, 2014 | About

Why Campendium?

By Campendium

2005When we first went on the road full-time from 2005-2007, there weren’t a lot of resources for finding campground locations and reviews. There were a couple campground websites that we used, but nothing really satisfied our needs.

When we returned to the road in 2011, we hoped that RV campground information on the internet had improved, but unfortunately, it had not.

Between National Parks, National Forests, BLM, Reserve America and just googling for campgrounds and photos it was clear that that all of this data needed to be curated in one place.

In November of 2012, we decided to undertake this enormous project.

In addition to maps and reviews, I’ve always found blog posts about campgrounds to be really helpful. The RV travel blog community is an incredible resource and it’s impossible to keep track of all the places everyone goes.

So in addition to maps, reviews and photos, we’re including a way for people to add blog posts that relate to a campground.

By the two year mark we’ll be ready to share Campendium with the world. It will be far from perfect and far from done. We have a lot of great plans for the site and hopefully you’ll love it as much as we do.