Must-Have RV Kitchen Accessories

May 10, 2023 | Camping Tips

Must-Have RV Kitchen Accessories

With these practical and compact accessories in your RV kitchen, you’ll be prepared to cook up delicious meals on the road.

By Kerry Sainato & Ian Standard

Photo: Mehmet Doruk Tasci / Shutterstock

When shopping for RV kitchen accessories, you’ll need to consider the size, weight, and practicality of what you bring with you. But you also want to be prepared. Anything you buy for your RV kitchen needs to be as compact as possible and, preferably, multi-functional. 

Cooking is one of my favorite camp activities, and a well-equipped kitchen makes that so much easier. After 5 years of cooking in my tiny teardrop camper kitchen, I’ve settled on an efficient setup for RV living. These must-have kitchen accessories are perfect for RV kitchens of any size. 

Interior view of stocked RV kitchen

Must-Have RV Kitchen Accessories: Appliances

Wok Pan

I recently added a non-stick wok to my camper kitchen and it’s the perfect multi-use cooking surface. It’s deep enough to use for boiling water or cooking a batch of soup. But it also has a large, flat surface that you can use for sauteing and pan frying. If you need to choose just one pan for your RV kitchen, this is it.

Cast Iron Skillet 

Cast iron is well-suited for any RV kitchen setup—it’s durable and will withstand outdoor elements and the heat of an open fire. Plus, the more you cook with it, the better the non-stick surface gets. Cast iron also maintains heat, so you’ll always get that perfect sear on your steak. You can use a cast iron skillet for a variety of dishes—from pancakes to casseroles to pizza. 

French Press

A French press is an ideal way to make coffee in an RV. The press is compact and many models are made from transit-friendly materials. A French press doesn’t require electricity, so it’s an efficient way to brew coffee for glampers and boondockers alike. The Stanley Boil & Brew French Press Coffee Maker ups the ante by adding extra functionality with its three-piece nesting set—the outer stainless steel canister can also be used for cooking on a stovetop, acting as an extra small pot to add to your RV kitchen kit. 

Another camping-friendly option is the OVRLNDR Press, which is an insulated version that keeps your coffee warm all day long. It’s easy to clean with a removable bottom.

Camp Stove 

portable, propane-run camp stove makes outdoor cooking accessible to those RVers with only an indoor kitchen. Propane fuel is typically easy to find and inexpensive to replace, too.

Instant Pot 

When I have access to electric hookups on a camping trip, I always bring an Instant Pot for my RV kitchen. It’s a true workhorse that helps free up precious burner space when cooking a full meal at the campground. I especially like using it for quick side dishes while grilling the main course over an open fire. It’s also wonderful for cooking a big batch of oatmeal for breakfast because the pot keeps it warm all morning. 

Electric Skillet 

An electric skillet is highly multi-functional and even though I only use it when we have reliable electric hookups, it’s one of my favorite appliances to bring camping. The large, flat non-stick cooking area is ideal for flipping big batches of pancakes or stir frying vegetables. The high sides, tight-fitting lid, and temperature controls are useful features when making slow-cooked soups, stews, and chilis. You can even deep fry in an electric skillet. Plus, it’s really easy to clean. 

Or, if you want an electric griddle with all the bells and whistles, Blackstone just added one to its lineup.

Water Kettle

If you’ve ever been out in the winter, you already know the importance of hot water. There’s always a time for hot cocoa for the kids; tea, coffee, or hot toddies for the adults; or even just the convenience of heating some water for oatmeal in the morning. Getting hot water made fast can shift a cold and shivery day into a cozy, comfortable experience.

Any electric tea kettle has a spot in the RV. If you are working off a propane stove and have electricity to spare, a solid tea kettle will let you use your resources wisely.

Hand Blender

Blenders aren’t what they used to be. From compact powerhouses like the Nutribullet to the multi-purpose Pro Line 5 Speed Hand Blender, there are plenty of options that are compact and won’t weigh down your kitchen cabinet.

Pizza Oven

A wood-fired pizza may not be something you find yourself eating very often, even at home, but Roccebox has made it easy to have fresh, handmade slices on the go.

Heated by wood or LP, the Roccbox reaches temps as high as 930 degrees Fahrenheit. That kind of temperature delivers a fully-cooked pizza in a mere 90 seconds and steaks in 3 minutes. This is an impressive gadget that can go anywhere with you. If you’re a pizza fan or a full-blown enthusiast, you won’t be let down with this aboard your RV.

Must-Have RV Kitchen Accessories: Dishware and Storage

Plates, Bowls, and Utensils 

This Stansport 24-piece set contains every piece of tableware that you’ll need when RV camping. The set is lightweight but made of sturdy stainless steel that’s been double-glazed with an enamel coating. And while function is more important than form, these sets are aesthetically pleasing with three color options to choose from. 

Collapsible Bowls 

Mix, serve, and store in this set of collapsible bowls. They’re space-saving, multi-functional, and lightweight. Plus, the set comes with lids for easy leftover storage. My advice? Buy two sets.

Water Filter

How many times have you found yourself at a questionable water source on the road that had you think twice about filling your RV? It’s best to have the option to ensure safe and fully potable drinking water available at all times in your RV kitchen.

Many campers who travel extensively rely on their Berkey, a gravity-fed water filter that filters out viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Collapsible Water Jugs 

These collapsible water carriers are useful for keeping an extra stash of fresh water within arm’s reach in case water hookups aren’t available. They’re durable but fold down to take up practically no space when you’re not using them. 

Countertop Cutting Board 

countertop cutting board adds extra work space to any RV kitchen. Adjust the legs to fit over your RV’s stovetop to add almost 2 feet of countertop space to your kitchen. Or use it at the picnic table to prep food al fresco. Plus, it’s multi-functional, doubling as a cheese board for happy hour charcuterie snacks. 

Wall-Mounted Spice Rack 

This wall-mounted spice rack set stores your favorite herbs and spices, making it easy to add plenty of flavor to your RV cooking. The space-saving racks mount on the wall using sturdy double-sided tape. Before each camping trip, I fill the jars from my pantry with spices I know I’ll be using. The set of 10 2-ounce jars easily holds enough spices to season dozens of meals. 

Kitchen Towel Hooks

Self-adhesive kitchen towel hooks help create more storage space in your RV kitchen. Stick on almost any surface to hang your towels in a convenient place. While you’re at it, buy a set for the bathroom too.  

Must-Have RV Kitchen Accessories: Cooking Tools     


I always keep two key knives in my RV kitchen. First, a trusty chef’s knife is adaptable to almost any job. An 8-inch chef’s knife is the perfect size for most people. 

I also have a solid serrated knife in my RV knife kit, which is useful for cutting bread and slicing grilled meats. 

Get your knives sharpened in your off-season. I use the service Knife Aid, which is a mail-away knife sharpening service with fast turnaround times. 

Can Opener 

Canned goods are staples in any well-stocked RV pantry, so you’ll need a can opener. This Good Cook Can Opener has a slim yet durable design, perfect for smaller RV kitchen drawers. It also opens the can in an ingenious way that doesn’t create sharp edges, allowing you to reuse the top for storage. 


set of tongs is as multi-functional as it gets, letting you stir, flip, and grab food. You can even use a long pair of tongs to tend to your campfire. I keep my set of three sizes—small, medium, and large—hanging on a hook by the stove for a variety of tasks. 

Probe Thermometer 

A simple instant-read probe thermometer is the only true way to tell when some types of food, mainly meat, are cooked to the right temperature. Fortunately, a probe thermometer is inexpensive, takes up little space, and guarantees that your cooked food is safe to eat. 

If you’re looking to supply a new RV with kitchen gear—or upgrading some key pieces in your current camper—these accessories are practical purchases and worthy of space in your RV kitchen.

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