50 Serene RV Campgrounds Near Hot Springs

Feb 8, 2023 | Campgrounds

50 Serene RV Campgrounds Near Hot Springs

Check out these recommendations if you're looking to visit natural hot springs on your next camping trip.

By Madeleine Balestrier & Sara Sheehy

The Rock Tub Hot Springs in California. | Photo by: Parras

Filled with geothermally heated groundwater that rises from Earth’s crust, hot springs are essentially natural hot tubs. They’re scattered in remote wildernesses, off of highways, and in commercial spaces. 

Hot springs are the perfect way to unwind after traveling, adventuring, or setting up camp. Here are some of the best RV camping options near hot springs in the U.S. and Canada.

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RV Camping Near Hot Springs in Arizona

Arizona is an outdoor mecca. It’s home to rolling landscapes, dry conditions, the expansive high desert, and tucked-away hot springs. 

You can’t miss the Ringbolt Hot Springs (also known as the Arizona Hot Springs). These natural hot tubs are set back into a nearly 6-mile loop that takes you through slot canyons, waterfalls, meandering trails, and views of the Colorado River. You can also access these springs through the Colorado River, but be prepared to climb a slippery 20-foot ladder. Once you finally reach Ringbolt Hot Springs, you’re rewarded with four hot springs licking at canyon walls. 

You can RV camp nearby in Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park at Atlatl Rock Campground or at a private campground, Willow Beach Campground & RV Park in Willow Beach, Arizona. 

RV Camping Near Hot Springs in British Columbia

Find yourself a little further north? British Columbia, Canada, offers hot spring soaking in its lush, coastal forests. The Campendium community loves the Liard River area hot springs. A reviewer says, “A true six stars. A must-stop on your way to and back from Alaska. The hot springs are the nicest that we’ve ever encountered.”

Other Camping Near Hot Springs in British Columbia

RV Camping Near Hot Springs in California

California has mineral-laden natural hot springs up and down its coast, making it one of the most diverse states for hot spring camping. Camping options near hot springs in California range from free camping on public land to RV resorts with plenty of amenities.

The Campendium community loves the Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort, located just an hour south of Joshua Tree National Park. Reviewers rave about the friendly people, the clean facilities, and the amazing sunsets. One reviewer says, “Believe the hype. This place is simply amazing. Clean, a lot of amenities, and with plentiful sites for all kinds of RVs.”

Other Camping Near Hot Springs in California

RV Camping Near Hot Springs in Colorado

There’s no shortage of hot springs in the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado. In this remote region of Colorado, you’ll find Orvis Hot Springs, Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa, Dunton Hot Springs, and a few further off the traveler’s trail. 

Each hot spring is set before a beautiful backdrop displaying looming mountains, roaming wildlife, and soaring aspens. Like the hot springs, there’s no shortage of beautiful camp spots in Southwest Colorado. You can RV camp at established grounds like Elk Ridge Campground or dispersed camp along Last Dollar Road

Other Camping Near Hot Springs in Colorado

You can make an entire trip of visiting hot springs and RV camping near hot springs in Colorado

RV Camping Near Hot Springs in Idaho

Quiet relaxation awaits at the natural hot springs in Idaho, which fly a bit more under the radar than the hot springs in other states. Don’t let that fool you; Idaho has some of the best soaking opportunities in the Western U.S.

Take Challis Hot Springs, for example. This small campground offers access to hot springs that are situated right near the Salmon River, with great views in the bargain. Further south of Challis, and right off Interstate 15 (which runs from Montana to Las Vegas and San Diego), Lava Hot Springs is a beautifully built hot spring complex with ample RV parks and free camping options nearby.

Other Camping Near Hot Springs in Idaho

RV Camping Near Hot Springs in Oregon

Away from the hustle and bustle of the Oregon Coast, natural hot springs dot the landscape in Oregon. Feel the good vibes of the Pacific Northwest with a stay and soak at one of these RV parks known for their friendly people and calming waters. The Campendium community particularly loves the Grande Hot Spring RV Resort, with large sites and clean facilities.

Other Camping Near Hot Springs in Oregon

RV Camping Near Hot Springs in Montana

Head to a paradise escape in Paradise, Montana. This area is home to rolling hills of forests and the Clark Fork River. Nestled in the wilderness is Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort. This hot springs destination has five pools of varying temperatures, cold plunges, and two salt-soaked baths. 

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You can either stay in cabins at Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort or opt to camp at Campground St. Regis or Muchwater Dispersed Camping in the LoLo National Forest. 

Other Camping Near Hot Springs in Montana

RV Camping Near Hot Springs in Nevada

Off of America’s Loneliest Highway, Lincoln Highway near Austin, Nevada, you’ll find Spencer Hot Springs

“Take a left off Highway 50 (if you’re heading west) and make your first left,” suggests a Campendium reviewer. “It’s a flat and wide, well-maintained gravel road for 5 miles until you get to ‘hot springs’ road, take that left. From there the roads throughout the springs are variable—some are quite bumpy and rutted. We made it just fine in our two-wheel drive Honda Odyssey.”

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This hot spring is home to an in-ground spring and a metal tub for soaking. The draw of this campground is not only the hot springs but also the view of the Toiyabe Range in the distance. You can also camp nearby at Bob Scott Campground

RV Camping Near Hot Springs in New Mexico

If getting off the beaten path is what you’re after, then the hot springs in New Mexico are exactly what you’re looking for. You may not find cell phone service or WiFi, but you’ll find perfectly dark skies and be able to see the stars as you soak. Check out the below campgrounds for a cool culture of hot spring lovers that travel far and wide to experience New Mexico’s hot pools.

RV Camping Near Hot Springs in Utah 

Mystic Hot Springs in Utah is an immersive experience, especially during the summer. It’s a music venue, art exhibit, hot spring, and natural beauty near Torrey, Utah. The grounds offer two large hot spring swimming pools and vintage bathtubs scattered around rocks formed by minerals long ago. In the summer, when Mystic Hot Springs hosts festivals and concerts, you can sometimes capture the show while you soak. 

You can either camp right outside of Mystic Hot Springs or head to Beas Lewis Flat Dispersed Camping. “This is likely the best boondocking we have done,” says a Campendium review on Beas Lewis Flat Dispersed Camping. “There were plenty of spaces for all-size rigs.”

RV Camping Near Hot Springs in Washington

The Pacific Northwest is a haven for geothermal springs, especially in Washington state. Washington’s rainy climate and green forests are the perfect hot springs backdrop. When you make your inevitable trip to Olympic National Park, add Sol Duc Hot Springs and Olympic Hot Springs to your itinerary. 

These hot springs are located within the park and offer camping accommodations nearby, including Sol Duc Campground, located in the park, and Elwha Dam RV Park, located just outside the park. 

RV Camping Near Hot Springs in Wyoming

In Saratoga, Wyoming, you’ll find RV camping options near hot springs. Hobo Pool is a central attraction in Saratoga. It’s a 24-hour hot spring with two natural pools and access to the Platte River for an inevitable cold plunge. 

Nearby is the Saratoga Lake Campground. “This is our third visit to the campground,” states a Campendium review. “We enjoy Saratoga’s Hobo Springs and like the little town.”

Other Camping Near Hot Springs in Wyoming

Finding hot springs sometimes requires a bit of research, but it’s always worth the effort. Are you ready for a soak?