Video: Overlanding on a Budget

Jul 18, 2023 | Video

Video: Overlanding on a Budget

Here are a few ways you can overland on a budget—whether you’re planning your first overlanding adventure or you're a seasoned pro.

By Campendium

When it comes to overlanding, the adventure is all about getting to your destination—traversing remote roads and rugged terrains in an off-road-capable vehicle. While some overlanders are willing to invest thousands of dollars into their trailblazing rigs, others prefer to stick to smaller budgets and setups.

If you’re planning your first overlanding adventure, here are a few ways you can overland on a budget.

Sleeping accommodations. If you’re overlanding with a pickup truck, consider adding a softshell or cab tent to your truck bed for a place to sleep instead of investing in a rooftop tent. You can throw in a sleeping bag or even add an air mattress for extra comfort. 

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How to find an overlanding destination. Use Campendium to search for free camping and boondocking sites in remote areas. Read camper reviews to see what type of vehicle is needed and what you can expect in order to reach your destination. 

Camping gear. You can make your setup as minimal or robust as you want, or can afford. You can stick to basic gear like a camp stove, sleeping bag, and cooking supplies. Or, you can upfit your rig with solar panels, a portable shower, a heater or fan, and more. There’s no right or wrong way to overland, as long as you have the equipment needed to travel safely.

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Try it out first. If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of overlanding, try it out first before you invest in extensive gear and vehicle upgrades. You can add to your rig as needed, once you know whether or not overlanding is right for you.