Video: Tips for Managing Everyday Life on the Road

Mar 23, 2023 | Video

Video: Tips for Managing Everyday Life on the Road

Here's how to handle things like mail, medical care, and voting when traveling for extended periods or full-time.

By Campendium

Whether you’re traveling with an RV, car, or motorcycle, life on the road can look a little different than life at home. If you’re a frequent or full-time traveler, you may need to make a few adjustments to ensure that you have mail, medical insurance, vet care, and more.

Here are a few ways you can make everyday life easier when traveling for extended periods or full-time.

Mail. There are several ways you can get your mail while living on the road. You can use mail forwarding services like those offered by Escapees RV Club or Americas Mailbox. You can set up a mailbox at a UPS store in an area where you travel frequently. Or, if you have a friend or relative who doesn’t mind the extra envelopes, you can have your mail forwarded to somebody you trust. For international travel, use services that offer worldwide mail forwarding. Some of these companies can even scan your mail to save the time and hassle of having it physically forwarded to you. For short-term travels, simply have your post office hold your mail until you return home.

Medical care. When minor ailments and injuries occur on the road, look for urgent care facilities or CVS pharmacies that offer MinuteClinic services. These medical centers are useful for common illnesses and other everyday conditions that can happen when you’re traveling. Check your insurance policy before leaving home to see what medical facilities are within your network or extended network near your destination.

Health insurance. For frequent or full-time travelers, health-sharing plans and national policies are the most commonly used health insurance plans. These coverage types can help save you the hassle of looking for medical care within your network while you’re on the road. With a little online research, you can find a health insurance plan that works for you, your family, and your traveling needs.

Vet care. There are many options when it comes to veterinary care out on the road. If you need to find an animal hospital for emergency purposes, use services like Vet Centers of America (VCA) to locate nearby options. PetSmart and Petco also have veterinary care located inside most stores. These are convenient for routine care and vaccinations.

Voting. By requesting an absentee ballot from your state of residency, you can still vote, even if you’re on the road when it’s time to cast your ballot. Once you receive your ballot, simply fill it out and mail it in to make your vote count.