Amanda and Aaron’s Favorite Camping Gear

Jan 5, 2021 | Best Camping Gear

Amanda and Aaron’s Favorite Camping Gear

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Earles Family

Five years into full-time RVing, two trucks, one Airstream, a 5th wheel, and a set of twins later, I think Aaron and I now have a pretty good understanding of what essentials make our lives easier. And “easier” for us is simple, it’s pretty much anything that is going to allow us to live comfortably while boondocking for months on end.

Gooseneck Hitch

Goosebox 5th Wheel Hitch

This baby is great, on move days I get to leave almost all of our crap (paper towel, fruit bowl, hand soap, etc.) on the counters and nothing ever moves. Apparently, that is because it offers a much smoother towing experience than a regular 5th wheel hitch. Bonus points for an empty truck bed when we’re not towing.

Air Compressor

We enjoy exploring rough roads in our truck and frequently “air down” to improve ride comfort so having a FAST air compressor mounted and always available to quickly inflate oversized tires has been invaluable. It’s also helpful for conveniently adjusting the air pressure in the Goosebox and truck’s airbags.

Composting Toilet

Let’s play a fun game! How often do you have to dump your black tank? Like every 1.5-2 weeks? Now, guess how often we “dump” our toilet. Monthly! It’s true, we only change our toilet once a month and sometimes it’s even longer. So… I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

white noise machine

White Noise Machine

You might think that once you have kids it becomes harder to RV. You might even think that you need to plan ahead, make reservations, and know where you’re going to sleep when you hit the road in the morning. To that I say, get yourself/your child(ren) a Hatch Rest and you can all sleep wherever you end up. It’s controlled with an app, you can make schedules if you do that kind of thing, and the volume goes insanely high. It will make your next Walmart parking lot sleep as peaceful as a night in the woods.

bed heater

Bed Heater

You know what else makes for a great night sleep? Warmth. And a bed heater with dual-zone control and a preheat function is perfection at the end of a long day chasing your wild animal children.

media streamer

Media Streamer

We don’t camp, we live in an RV. Therefore, I want it to feel like I live in a house with ever-changing amazing views. So, what do you do to wind down after a long day of amazing views? You turn your bed heater onto preheat and watch The Bachelor, obviously. And the Shield is the best streaming device we’ve found for that. It allows you to install all sorts of apps for watching your stories (Netflix, Hulu, ABC, YouTube, etc.) and you can even play games on it.

dometic cooler


Did you know that toddlers are supposed to have 20-something ounces of whole milk every day until after the age of two? Now you know. And while I originally saw the ability to safely carry milk with us at every living moment as quite the inconvenience, the Dometic fridge in our truck has been a true lifesaver. It is the perfect size for said milk, as well as, energy drinks, beer, and iced coffee. A real win for the whole family.

cordless vacuum

Cordless Vacuum

Besides being milk dependent, kids are also really gross, like real real gross. A vacuum is a must have, for sure.

Noise Cancelling Headset

If you work from home, and I assume that you probably do because this is an RVing blog and also Covid,

If you experience an extremely loud environment regularly (kids),

If you have a workplace that reimburses you for ridiculously expensive headsets, then this is the headset for you. It is great!

Truly, ever since buying it, Aaron gets far less complaints about his coworkers hearing the kids, and I get less complaints from him about keeping them quiet.

water bladder

Water Bladder

I like to shower without turning the water off, fully rinse the soap from my dishes (that have probably been soaking), and water my Christmas tree. The water bladder is how we make all of those dreams a reality.

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