Ching & Jerud’s Favorite Camping Gear

Sep 6, 2021 | Best Camping Gear

Ching & Jerud’s Favorite Camping Gear

By Campendium

A couple and a dog standing in front of their silver RV.

We left Asheville, NC back in March of 2015 and have been living on the road full-time since. This has given us a lot of time to figure out what gear we really need and use daily. Here are ten of our favorite items.

Viair portable compressor on the back of a truck.

Viair Portable Air Compressor

We held off for several years before buying the Viair 400P portable air compressor because of how pricey it is. But it’s worth the money and we’re extremely glad to have it each time we’ve had to use it. The Viair is so fast and it has the capacity to fill up high-pressure and high-volume tires like our F-250 truck and fifth-wheel.

Silver RV with a Proxicast antenna set up.

Proxicast Antenna

Jerud and I both need internet for work. Having the Proxicast antenna opens up the places we can boondock because it lets us pull in cell signal we otherwise wouldn’t have.

Instant Pot in an RV kitchen.

Instant Pot

Since our rig is 100% powered by solar (we don’t use any propane and don’t have a generator), it’s important to have kitchen appliances that are very energy efficient. The Instant Pot fits that bill. It also allows us to save weight and trash by not having to carry canned beans around and find places to recycle the cans.

Toaster oven with a loaf of freshly baked bread in it.

Black & Decker Toaster Oven

Who can live without bread and cookies? Not us! Having an electric oven so we can bake was very important. This toaster oven lets us cook meals like we did when we were in a house, make our own granola bars, bake desserts to share with friends, and butter that freshly made bread with honey.

Reusable mesh vegetable bags with fruit in them.

Earthwise Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

Plastic bags drive me nuts! The Earthwise mesh produce bags are perfect whether we’re buying kale, apples, potatoes, or even bulk items like popcorn kernels. These bags are durable and can be washed again and again.

Vegetables in two green bags and a plate of fresh vegetables.

Debbie Meyer Green Bags

While I hate plastic bags, the Debbie Meyer Green Bags get a pass because using them means wasting less food. These bags keep our produce fresh for a lot longer. This is key since we stock up our fridge with enough fresh food for two weeks or more while we’re boondocked far from towns. And these green bags can be washed and reused for years!

Dog food container next to a bag of dog food.

Gamma Seal Lid

We purchased a 5-gallon bucket from Lowes and a Gamma seal lid to store Tyki’s dog food. This airtight lid keeps smells and rodents away.

Think Sport sunscreen on a rock by a creek.

Think Sport Sunscreen

We hit the road full-time so we could explore our public lands, which means we spend a lot of time out in the sun and our skin pays for it. Think Sport sunscreen is not only reef safe, but it stays on whether we’re mountain biking, paddling, or hiking.

Green and yellow water bottle on a rock next to a creek.

Hydroflask Water Bottle

There’s nothing like ice cold water after a long summer hike or hot chocolate after snowshoeing. The Hydroflask water bottles seemed like an unnecessary luxury item at first, but after the heat waves this summer, it’s moved to our must-have list.

NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace

This rechargeable LED necklace goes around Tyki’s neck on every late-night walk. It lets us keep track of where he is and it’s entertaining to watch the bright lights bounce around like glow sticks at a dance party.

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