Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

What do the different color pinpoints mean?

RV Parks are marked with blue pinpoints. Green pins indicate public land, like National Parks, National Forests, BLM, State Parks and County Parks. Purple pins represent parking lots and yellow pins designate dump stations.


What if there is something wrong with a listing?

If you notice an error in a listing please contact

How do I submit a campground?

You can submit a campground by filling out this form.


How do I change my password?

You can change your password by going to your profile and selecting PASSWORD on the left side.


How do I stop my subscription from auto-renewing?

You can cancel auto-renewal of your subscription by going to your PROFILE, selecting SUBSCRIPTION, then hitting CANCEL. Your Member Perks will remain active until your subscription expires.

How can I get my photo featured on the homepage?

We’re looking for beautiful campground photos to feature on the homepage. The minimum width must be 1000 pixels and the photo can not contain watermarks. You can submit your photo by uploading it to the corresponding campground.


Do you know, you have something marked as FREE, but a permit is required?

Yes, some free spots require permits that have a fee associated with them. They are categorized as “free” because there isn’t a nightly rate for camping.


What is your contact information for Advertising Information?

If you are interested in advertising on Campendium, please email


Why wasn’t my review published?

We love hearing about your experiences and in order to ensure that Campendium is a reliable source for the camping community, reviews must adhere to the following guidelines. Reviews must contain original content. Please do not copy and paste information from a campground’s official website or reviews from other sites. Please refrain from using inappropriate language and please do not post full names when referring to campground staff. Reviews should be unbiased. Please do not submit positive reviews of your own campground and negative reviews of the campground across the street. If your review is not relevant it will not be published.



What’s a Roadpass?

A Roadpass is a single login (email and password) that you can use across our partner RV and outdoor industry apps, including Roadtrippers and Togo RV. Think of it like an Apple ID or a Google account login, it’s one account that you can use to sign into more than one place – fewer logins to try to remember!

You can use your Roadpass to log into the following services:

If you signed up for Campendium on or after August 9, 2021 then your account was created using Roadpass. When you sign into Campendium, make sure you select the “Sign in with Roadpass” option to enter your email and password!

Is my information shared across other apps that I haven’t signed up for?

Never! Rest assured that while we do make it easy for you to sign-up or sign-in across our partner apps that allow a Roadpass login, we don’t share your information with any partner app that you haven’t explicitly signed up for.

What if I have another question that isn’t answered here?

We’re happy to help, please email