Fundraiser + Survey Results

Jul 30, 2015 | About

Fundraiser + Survey Results

By Campendium

The T-shirt fundraiser was an overwhelming success! Here are the numbers:

256 shirts & hoodies: $4,608.27
80 Booster donations: $2,562.03
45 PayPal donations: $1,402.73
Total Raised: $8,573.03

Your participation and feedback is deeply appreciated. Thank you all so much.

Booster says it will take about 10 business days for the funds to be transferred to Campendium (the same amount of time it takes to produce the shirts). This works for us because we’re still wrapping up our final project with the remaining hours of development we’ve already paid for. Next month you’ll see a new section on the site for RV Parks for Sale. Once that goes live, we’ll get started on the projects you voted for and funded. Yay!!

The New Feature Survey Results made it very clear what is important to Campendium visitors. Two features in particular won out above the rest:

Once those two are complete, we’ll just go down the list until we run out of hours.

To see how the other questions ranked click here.

Thanks again, and here’s to finding and sharing great campsites!