Kelli & Greg’s Favorite Camping Gear

Jan 11, 2022 | Best Camping Gear

Kelli & Greg’s Favorite Camping Gear

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Kelli and Greg here! We’ve been camping all around the Pacific Northwest for the last 15 years. Our latest adventures have been in a custom-built rooftop tent trailer. This lets us squeeze into nearly any campsite. In the past, we’ve camped in a tent, hammock, and travel trailer. You can follow our adventures at Explore Trek Adventure.

The outdoors can be very cheap or free to enjoy. But sometimes a little gear can greatly enhance the experience. Here’s the gear we use and recommend for your journey.

Coleman Camp Oven

This oven is cool! We purchased the Coleman Camp Oven after seeing some good reviews online. It’s a great addition to our kitchen setup. The first test was with a batch of cinnamon rolls, and it didn’t disappoint. The oven collapses down for easy storing and traveling. It’s heavy though – weighing almost 7 lbs.! But it’s still very manageable.

Waterproof String Lights

We picked this LED string light because it has a simple USB connection on the end. We use our Jackery portable power station to power it since it has two USB outlets. These lights use very little energy since they’re LED. One string provides nice lighting around the awning – plus they just look cool.

5 Pound Propane Tank Cylinder

We use a 5-pound propane tank to fuel our cooking stove. It holds 1-gallon of propane and is easy to move around. It replaces the need to have several of the little green canisters you normally see used. We’ve been able to go on multiple camping trips without having to refill it.

Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatter

These bug paddle zappers are so easy to use. They were a lifesaver when dealing with so many mosquitoes while we were camped at Waldo Lake. The paddles come in a two-pack and are rechargeable, so no worries about not having extra batteries around.

Jackery Portable Power Station

We have the Jackery 240 portable power station and primarily use it to charge phones, cameras, and power our camp LED lights at night. As long as we have a few hours of sun, using a 60W solar panel to charge the Jackery provides plenty of power. This is a great power source when dry camping.

Biolite Headlamp

We ended up with the Biolite 330 headlamp after an exhaustive search for a good running light. This headlamp stays on your head no matter what crazy movements you make. The bulk of the headlamp is the battery that sits on the back of your head. The light itself is small and very lightweight so it doesn’t flop around. Whether you’re hanging around camp or blazing a trail, this headlamp is a good choice.

Overmont Camping Kettle

The perfect little kettle for camping. Its size makes it easy to pack and store. It works great for heating up water for a cup of tea or a bowl of oatmeal.

GSI Camper Cook Set

This cook set works great and has just about everything you need. Just add your own silverware and you’re good to go. The non-stick frying pan makes for easy cooking and cleanup. All the pieces of the cook set nest together perfectly for easy transport.

RTIC 65 Cooler

We own 4 other coolers, so why get a new one? This is one of those new rotomolded coolers and it really works well. It’s extremely heavy and can take 2 people to move when it’s full. We line the bottom with frozen jugs of water for ice to keep everything inside dry. The jugs are still half full of ice after 4 days of camping! We highly recommend the RTIC 65 if you’re not going the powered fridge route.

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