Kelly’s Favorite Camping Gear

May 12, 2019 | Best Camping Gear

Kelly’s Favorite Camping Gear

By Campendium

kelly from camp addict
Hi, I’m a solo full-time RVer going on 4 years now. Being a single female, and 100% a boondocker, I really need for things to be as easy and as plush as possible. I think this is why I picked many of the things I did as my favorites. Even “out in the wild,” a girl likes to be comfortable!

streaming TV in RV


Hey, I’m Kelly. Since I am pretty lazy and totally love comfort, there’s nothing better than curling up in my RV bed and streaming shows from my TV. This wouldn’t be possible without using my Roku streaming player.

best RV mattress

Tochta Custom Memory Foam Mattress

Some days (i.e., every single day) it’s quite a challenge to get out of bed. I’ve lost two friends in my cozy mattress already. They just laid down and have never been seen again. It is just WAY TOO COMFORTABLE to leave. Seriously though, I wake up in the same position I went to bed in since there are zero pressure points happening with this mattress. It’s made of a combination of foams. It came in the mail in a fairly small box. Wow. I will never go back to a spring mattress again. (WARNING: Combined with the Roku, you may never get out of bed.)

trailer safety chain hanger

Safety Chain Hanger

This could be my #1 favorite thing. It’s so simple, yet so satisfying. It’s the same kind of satisfaction that comes with picking the most amazing pimple. Ya feel me? It holds your trailer safety chains up so they don’t drag. No more twisting the chains to keep them from sparking and possibly causing a fire in dry areas! So. Satisfying.

(If you guys don’t have one, seriously. Consider it. I LOVE mine!!!)

best trailer hitch

Andersen Hitch

The number of curse words I scream out loud per month has gone way down. It’s because I now have an Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch. They should have named it the “lower your blood pressure” hitch. My frustration with using spring bars (and other things) on my E2 hitch almost gave me an aneurism. I am happy to report I am alive today, and couldn’t be happier with my Andersen. ESPECIALLY combined with an electric jack, the ease of use of this chain hitch is almost comical compared to using a traditional spring bar hitch. Is there an electric jack that is my favorite thing? Why yes. Yes there is…

trailer leveling jack

Husky Electric Jack

THIS one was a total back-saver. I used to have a manual crank jack. Every time I used it, my back would threaten to go out. The number of times that the jack has to go up and down is high when using a weight distribution hitch. Almost all bumper pull trailers need to have one. Nowadays, it’s fascinating, like a tiny miracle, to watch it simply go up or down at the press of a button after almost 3 years of wrestling with it manually. My Husky jack also has a remote, so I can watch my level while raising/lowering the jack. No more back and forth and back and forth! (See? Lazy girl here.)

best rv levelers

Andersen Levelers

Speaking of back and forth… I used to use the very common Lynx Levelers blocks for leveling. I still do on occasion, but the wedge shaped Andersen levelers are way easier to use. I use the Andersens now almost every time. It’s a matter of not having to ‘guess’ how many blocks to use. You only have to either drive a little forwards or backwards on the wedge to get it right. If the Andersen isn’t high enough, I then will use my blocks, but this is rare. You can potentially also use the Andersen wedge to get up onto high stacked blocks. Winning.

usb battery charger

Anker Battery Charger

Being a not-so-careful person, this became an essential for me. I don’t always remember to charge my phone fully before a hike/outing, yet I hate for it to die since I use it for photos. Enter a battery charger. The Anker can easily take my phone from 0% to 100, with plenty of charge remaining. You can use it to charge whatever USB device you need. It can literally be a life saver if you get lost and still have service and can’t call for help with a dead phone.

silicone ice cube trays

Silicone Ice Trays

Initially, I CUT a regular plastic ice tray to fit inside my fridge. (So ghetto) Then I found these silicone trays, and I LOVE them. They easily fit into my small freezer and popping them out is super easy. It’s also a little fun that they are totally square, compared to the “usual” shape of home freezer cubes. They come in different sizes, too.

truck slide

Truck Slide

ANOTHER back saver. I got this Cargo Slide so I can easily reach all of the things stored in the back of my truck. It slides out and will lock into place in three different pull out positions. No more crawling inside to get to everything. No more hitting my head on the inside of the cap. No more cursing when I hit my head. No more running over solar panels. Wait… I can still do that.

Hold Food in Place while driving

Refrigerator Bars

Gone are the days that my stuff falls out of the fridge or INTO the door shelf. I had plenty of spills before I got these refrigerator bars. Now when I open the door, there are no surprises. Being a very careless person when it comes to taking care of my physical “stuff,” (including putting tops on leftovers properly) these are a cleanup/time saver!

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