Kyle & Michelle’s Favorite Camping Gear

Oct 1, 2021 | Best Camping Gear

Kyle & Michelle’s Favorite Camping Gear

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Hello! We are Kyle and Michelle Shore. In September of 2020 we quit our jobs, sold all we owned, and hit the road to travel the country in our 28-foot 2018 Keystone Outback 240 URS toy hauler with our four cats. We set out to live life through experiences, not stuff. We are happy to share with you many of the RV items we have found to be useful in our travels.

Blackstone 17″ Griddle

No camping setup is complete without a Blackstone griddle. This can be fueled with one-pound fuel canisters or piped directly into the exterior propane quick connect on your rig. Whether it’s bacon and eggs for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch, or chicken and red skin potatoes for dinner, this is our favorite way to cook.

Nemo Stargaze Recliner Camp Chair

We’ve had several different camping chairs over the years and these are by far our favorite chairs. They are very compact, lightweight, and dry quickly. The bonus feature of these chairs is that they recline, which is perfect for stargazing, and they have a drink holder.

Blue Sky Portable Fire Pit

This portable fire pit fits perfectly in most RV storage areas. Virtually no clean up is needed since it burns both wood pellets and small pieces of wood with no smoke. Wood pellets typically burn completely after about 30 minutes. You can simply throw extra pellets on as needed to keep the fire going. When you are ready to go in for the evening, there is no need to wait hours for the fire to burn out.

Rechargeable Portable Clip-on Fan

Kyle and I like to have plenty of air circulation in our RV and these rechargeable, portable fans make it easy to put them anywhere in our camper. They have a clip on them with a rotating ring so you can direct the air any direction you want it to go. It has four speed settings and is charged with a micro USB or USB-C charging cable.

GCI Outdoor Folding Camp Table 

When space and weight are so important in RV life, this folding table is perfect. With two height settings, it works perfectly as a side table with our Stargazer Chairs or serves as a great cooking stand for the 17-inch Blackstone Griddle.

Black Flag Handheld Bug Zapper

You can throw your useless flyswatter away. This handheld bug zapper will be your new best friend. It runs on two AA batteries and has a metal rung to make hanging it on the wall easy. We’ve eliminated lots more bugs with this bug zapper than we ever did with a normal fly swatter.

Odor Free Cat Litter Disposal System

This litter champ has been a life-saver. There is a lot of waste when you have four cats. The litter champ keeps odors at bay and makes clean up a breeze. With its continuous bag system, once the bag is full, you simply tie off the biodegradable bag and dispose of it. Then a new bag is ready to go.

Reusable Ice Cubes

Most RV refrigerators don’t come with an ice cube maker and the need to conserve water while boondocking led to our discovering these ice cubes. They are easy to clean and reusable. They keep our drinks ice cold without watering them down.

JINPUS Air Purifier

This tabletop air purifier is the perfect size for an RV. It runs on 12-volt USB power and pulls less than 1 amp on its highest setting. This is the perfect combination to filter out allergens in the rig while not putting excessive drain on your battery(ies).

Silipint Silicone Bowl Set

The versatility of items in the kitchen is a must. These silicone bowls are perfect for our morning cereal or double as a baking dish for some individual size lasagna. Perfect for cold items, heating in the oven, or cooking in the microwave.

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