Shannon & Dave’s Favorite Camping Gear

Aug 10, 2019 | Best Camping Gear

Shannon & Dave’s Favorite Camping Gear

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2wanderaway camping gear
We are Dave and Shannon of 2wanderaway and we launched from Bend Oregon in 2015 after spending 3 years of part time RV’ing. We started in #vanlife and slowly moved all the way up to our current 31′ Winnebago class A. With more room, you would think we would have a bigger list of favorites. But most of the items below have been with us since the very beginning.

collapsible tea kettle

Collapsible Teapots & Aeropress

Coffee is a staple and a bit of a religious experience over here. You don’t want to come knocking if we haven’t had our morning cuppa joe. Consequently we have a bit of a list of must have coffee preparation items;

For boiling water – either the collapsible teapot for the propane stove or the electric kettle when plugged in to power. Both are easy to store and so cute. Of course the Aeropress is the preferred coffee preparation. One cup at a time for the perfect hot cup with no bitterness. Best part, cleanup is a breeze. We go through coffee so fast, that we buy and grind at the store or purchase ground – crazy I know!

Induction Burner and Magma Steel Pots

Induction Burner & Magma Steel Pots

We cook at home a great deal and over the years have assembled a pretty good collection of favorite items. From our induction burner we use when plugged in to save propane and a set of Magma stainless steel pots with removable handles for cooking. The pots are great as the handles are removable and they nest in order to take up minimal space.

cocktail shaker

Cocktail Shaker

We enjoy our sundowners here and can often be found mixing up a cocktail inspired by our current location or cracking open a tasty local brew.

For mixing drinks I love a Boston Style Shaker with a glass that has all the measurements etched on the side of the glass. Takes away the guess work or the need for using something else for measuring. So less dishes!

camping hydro flasks

Hydroflask Tumblers

We absolutely love our Hydroflask tumblers for keeping it all cold and use them all day everyday. Yes, they even work with water. Ice is always at a premium so best to keep the drinks cold to start with. Plus they have the right amount of weight, feel good in your hand and don’t sweat on the furniture.

Yeti cooler

Yeti Cooler

Speaking of drinking, we keep a whole separate cooler just for beer and mixers. When you are living out of a small fridge, it is best to just move those cans out. Dave loves his Yeti and we even had a cushion made for the top so we can use it as extra seating inside the RV. Ice really does last forever in there. We are so brand loyal that we also bought a small portable one to keep in our Jeep for road trips. But truth be told, if I knew about the Dometic 12 volt in the beginning, we would have sprung for that. Never having to worry about ice again would be a dream!

camp chairs and table

Helinox Rockers & Alps Mountaineering Side Table

When we aren’t sitting on our Yeti we use our Helinox rockers. These are light, portable, pack down tiny and are super comfortable. The few extra bucks for the rocker was totally worth it! We actually keep them in our jeep strapped to the roll bar so they are always available when we are out and about.

For side tables we love the Alps Mountaineering Side Table. It collapses down to a small size for easy storage and is very sturdy to hold our drinks (of course).

mega boom noise canceling headphones

Megaboom & Bose Noise Canceling

We have had a bunch of different speaker solutions and after much research, settled on the Megaboom. We actually ordered 3 different speakers and did comparisons ‘listening’ to decide which had the best sound. This speaker is waterproof, has two way for phone calls, has great battery life and can be connected to other speakers for an even larger dance party. So don’t be surprised if you hear a podcast as you walk by, a conference call or even a dance party.

Now let’s get real here – we live in a small space and we don’t always want to watch or listen to the same thing. So my very very very favorite device, often referred to as the marriage saver, is a set of noise canceling headphones. My Bose headphones allow me to have my own private dance party, listen to my choice of bad tv or just have some quiet time while we are in the living in the same 200 square feet. I wouldn’t live without them. And if they break, you can be sure I will bust out the big bucks and Prime deliver another pair ASAP.

rv buckets

Gamma Seal Lid Buckets

You will never see our campsite without a few buckets around. You know the big white 6 gallon paint buckets. What makes them so unique is the Gamma Seal screw on lids. We use them filled with water to hold down our patio mat instead of staking it out. We fill them with grey water and drive to a dump station when we don’t want to move the rig. We even use them as garbage or recycle storage when we are overflowing. The lids seal tight and no smells get out or critters can get in. If you don’t have them I suggest you do yourself a favor. We carry 2 and they nest together when we travel.

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