26 Ski Resorts Where You Can Camp in the Parking Lot

For some, when the snow starts to fall, they button up their campers and dream of warmer days ahead. For others, the fun is just beginning.

Truck camper parked in a ski resort parking lot
49° North Mountain Resort RV Parking Lot in Chewelah, WA – Photo by: Mike S

Whether you’re chasing the next snowstorm in search of a powder day or looking for a way to cut costs while on a ski weekend, there are many ski resorts in the western United States and Canada that are ready to welcome you and your winter-ready rig to their parking lot or on-site campground. For serious powder hounds, you might piece together an epic month (or more!) of slopeside lodgings all from the snug comfort of your camper.

About Camping at Ski Resorts

Think of camping at ski resorts as a bit like casino camping—some places allow it (and many do not), so you should always check-in at the front desk before you park. There will likely be a short stay limit of 1-3 days, and there will not likely be any amenities. But hey, sleeping spitting distance from the lift, ensconced in the warmth of your rig, is a pretty good amenity, right?

Before you pack your skis and hit the road, it’s important to give your camper an honest evaluation to make sure that it’s as ready for winter experiences as you are. A few campers roll off the assembly line ready for all-season travel, but the vast majority are designed for use in more temperate weather. Camping at the ski hill is no fun if your camper can’t stay above 40 degrees, your pipes are frozen, and you’re stuck in a snowbank.

Here are a few questions to ask before you pack up for a ski camping adventure:

  • Are your camper walls insulated for winter temperatures?
  • If you’re planning to use your plumbing, is the system properly insulated to keep your pipes from freezing? What about your gray and black water tanks?
  • Is your heating system equipped to handle the forecasted weather?
  • If there is a big storm while you’re camped, does your tow vehicle or campervan have four-wheel drive and high enough clearance to get out of the parking lot?

If you’ve answered “yes” to the above questions, it sounds like you may be ready! Now, where will you go?

Ski Resort Camping in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada

With jagged peaks, consistent snow, and slopes just begging to be skied, the Canadian Rockies are a destination for skiers on both sides of the border.

Ski Resort Camping in Washington

Washington is home to Mt Baker Ski Area, which is known for the record-breaking amounts of powder that land on its slopes each year. A handful of other Evergreen State ski resorts welcome campers to their snowy lots, too.

Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort RV Lot
Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort RV Lot in Mount Hood, OR – Photo by: wealwaysWAnder

Ski Resort Camping in Oregon

Skiing on volcanoes? Welcome to Oregon! Make yourself comfortable in the lots of Oregon’s most famous ski resorts—Mt Hood and Mt Bachelor—along with two others.

Ski Resort Camping in Idaho

Idaho’s long winter and high elevation make for excellent skiing and boarding, and its under-the-radar status results in a complete lack of lift lines.

Ski Resort Camping in Montana

Montana’s big, bluebird skies make any day on the slopes a day worth traveling for. Add in quirky, active ski town residents, and you have the makings of an epic trip.

Ski Resort Camping in Wyoming

While world-famous Jackson Hole does not allow camping, just on the other side of the Tetons lies quiet and scenic Grand Targhee Resort. If you know—you know.

Ski Resort Camping in Colorado

None of Colorado’s major resorts welcome campers, but if you’re willing to get a bit off the beaten path, you can rest your head within spitting distance of the lifts at these two ski hills.

Did we miss a ski resort that welcomes campers? Tell us in the comments!