The Boundless Baker’s Favorite Camping Gear

Nov 3, 2019 | Best Camping Gear

The Boundless Baker’s Favorite Camping Gear

By Campendium

Boundless Bakers Favorite Camping Gear

Greetings from everywhere! We are the Boundless Bakers. We have been full-time RVing for about a year and have learned so much along the way. With absolutely no RV experience before we hit the road, we had no idea what this lifestyle would be like or what we’d need to make it possible. Well, a year into it, and we think we’ve figured out a thing or two. There are some items we couldn’t imagine living without. Here is a list of our must-have camping gear.

solar panels for RV

Solar Panels and Charge Controller

When we purchased our rig, it came with a 100W solar panel. We then upgraded our solar charge controller. Since we boondock a lot, having an alternative energy source is important. With our solar setup, we can keep our battery charged, power lights, and charge devices during sunny days. The solar panels and charge controller help us save a ton of money on generator gas!

best generator for RV


Since it can’t be sunny every day and we need a little help keeping the battery charged in the evenings, we also have a generator for electricity while boondocking. We opted for the WEN56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator. It is compatible with a Yamaha or Honda generator but costs about half the price!

best grill griddle for camping

Grill and Griddle

We do the majority of our cooking outdoors. Our Blackstone Tailgator comes with a grill and a griddle and can cook basically anything we could ask for. Pancakes for breakfast? Done. Philly cheesesteak for lunch? Done. Juicy steak for dinner? Done! The best part is, it breaks down nicely, making for easy storage on travel days.

outdoor mat rug for rv

Outdoor Mat

We got an outdoor mat as a gift before we started RVing. We had no intention of buying one. It turns out, the outdoor mat has become an extension of our house! We lounge on it, the kids play out it, we’ve even folded laundry on it! On nice days, it practically doubles our living space!



The lifestyle is about slowing down and relaxing more, right? Nothing says relaxation like a hammock. Our campsite is not complete until our ENO hammock has been hung. The adults like to nap or read a book in it, and the kids like to swing in it. It’s fun for the whole family!

Instant Pot

Instant Pot

When we do need to cook inside, the Instant Pot is the easiest way to do it. We are able to make an entire meal in under 30 minutes and in one pot. Dinner always tastes great, and there aren’t a ton of dishes to do!

French Press

French Press

Coffee is a big deal in our tiny home on wheels. Since we boondock a lot, using a traditional drip system isn’t always that convenient. All the french press needs is some hot water and freshly ground coffee beans. We save on the generator gas, only need a little propane to boil the water, and the coffee just tastes better. It’s a win-win!

cast iron pan

Cast-Iron Pan

The cast-iron skillet has long been a camping staple piece. It can cook anything and offers a one-pan meal if we are preparing a dish that needs to go in the oven after cooking on the stove-op. Possibly, the best part is it’s easy to wipe clean when we’re done!

dust buster


We have two toddlers and three cats. Our 300 square foot camper gets messy and dusty. We dust bust the rig at least once a day. If we are camping near the beach and have constant sand in the camper, it’s more like three times a day. We still have a broom and dustpan, but the dustbuster makes cleaning the floor so much easier!

baby pool

Baby Pool

Our RV only has a shower, and before RVing full-time, our two and three-year old kids had never taken a shower. It was only baths for them. Since we were already changing so much about their little lives, we weren’t going to force them to start taking showers too. So, we got creative and figured out a way to make a bathtub in our shower. We bought a blow-up baby pool, and it fits in the shower perfectly to create a nice little bath. The kids absolutely love it!

We can do anything camping that we could do back at our sticks and bricks home. We just have to do it a little differently sometimes. These must-have items have helped made full-time enjoyable this past year. Make sure to check out our blog for more must-have RV accessories!

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